Our New Land!

Words cannot express how excited we are to build our new house and live on our newly purchased land! I feel our dreams coming true... Now only if Steven and I could stop arguing over the size of this theater room that we are supposedly going to have! ;)

Best part is the location, in the center of it all! Plus we already met the neighbors in the white house and they are awesome. We can even walk [on a sidewalk!] to our choice of three different parks, and it is a couple blocks away from at least 5 different restaurants and bars! A great choice if I do say so myself. Dare I say it? I am happy.


Happy Birthday Husby!

My gorgeous husband turned 35 this month! YIKES! :)  We enjoyed a very nice dinner and drinks out with some great friends and can't wait to see what this next year brings us... now it is my turn to get older at the end of the month!

Our amazing dinner was at the fairly new restaurant "Macintosh" in downtown Charleston. The service was phenomenal and the deckle (yes, deckle) was delicious! Second only to the bone marrow bread pudding. Sounds gross but tastes like grilled cheese. Cray good.

We paired our meal with a Spanish Crianza red wine. Nope, we've had no wine to drink at all in this picture. Not a drop. :)

Funny side note: When I asked Siri to take me to Macintosh... she brought up the Apple Store on the map. Silly Siri!

From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)