Green Ceramic Beaded Necklace

The ceramic beads are separated with black glass beads and this one was given to my mom for her birthday!


Hawaii Collage

I finally finished my Hawaii collage! I originally was going to put a picture of my husband and I in the center, but I just had too many cool things that I wanted to keep so it sort of became a whole collection of things I either found or was given while on our trip in December.

  • The frame is surrounded by the ribbon lei that I made on the cruise ship
  • The little shells on the bottom right, seedlings on the bottom left, and driftwood on the top center were collected from the various beaches
  • The shell strand lei surrounding the center frame was given to my husband at the luau
  • When we disembarked in Kaua'i the locals handed us the button that you see on the right-hand side
  • Other items are room keys, a coaster from Kona Brewery, my Pearl Harbor ticket, map of the ship, luggage tags, anything that you can collect for free from a Hawaiian cruise is in it!
  • That is with the exception of the kukui nut lei... the beads were too large to fit in the shadow box.


New Computer & Monitor!

Although it is a pain to re-enter all of your passwords, favorites, downloads, iTunes and all that jazz... getting a much faster computer and a 27" monitor is so worth it! I can open Revit Architecture and switch from project to project so much easier now... I hope my bosses don't expect more production! haha


Look What My Honey Caught!

He caught a 51 lb. Dolphin Fish yesterday on a charter he took with his brother and best friend! So proud of you honey! and that fish was delicious on the grill last night... :)

Because Today is Friday and I love Fridays... and I also Love Bacon!


Bathroom Design | Expansion

My newest client wanted to take two smaller bathrooms and turn it into one larger, more spacious and luxurious bathroom. Normally I wouldn't recommend taking one of your bathrooms away, but in this case they love their house and don't plan on moving anywhere soon and this is what they wanted.

The two existing bathrooms were quite small and needed some major updating. Like they "had-pink-tile-on-the-walls" major updating. I am always happy to help, but don't often get to design the spaces in the way that I would like because obviously people have different tastes. This was a different situation!

Their inspiration piece that the owner's chose on their own was the vanity from above. It is very clean lined, modern, and asian inspired. They really liked the asian feel of it and wanted to continue the look in the rest of the room.

At the tile showroom we decided on vertical staggered glass tile that gives a nod to the way a bamboo field would look. We also chose white river stone for the shower floor that mimics a white sand zen garden feel. In the end the natural stone was the way to go on the bathroom floor and I can't wait to see how it all comes together! It is under construction this week and I will post pics once it is finished.


6 Years Ago, TODAY, I started my job at SGM! [now Novus]

my roots at SGM and my first desk for 4 years

Our new office building and my new desk for the past 2 years

I have worked at Novus Architects for the past 6 years and with some of the most amazing people I've met in Charleston. I am proud to call them more than just my co-workers, we are friends. I will admit, there are some things I would trade about my job, but I am very lucky to have had it all this time! 

Looking at the photos of my desk is kind of like that game, PhotoHunt, what is different? Chair, monitor/ computer, even the stalk of bamboo have all been upgraded, but pretty much the same 15 people are still here that I started with and that is the best part! If you notice, I also have windows this time... and Ashley is still 5'-0" away from me, which I love!

My 6 year review is next week, wish me luck!


Coral Ceramic Bead Necklace

I love new jewelry, but it is nearly physically impossible for me to buy something that I know I can make myself. I wasn't even thinking that I needed a new necklace for my Derby dress, but when I saw the 50% off sign in the bead aisle at the craft store, I suddenly NEEDED to make one!

This color "coral" is really popular right now, or so it seems to be in Charleston. They had these coordinating ceramic beads in the coral color, a silvery colored glass bead spacer, and a flower shaped toggle closer and for about 8 bucks, I had a new necklace!


Product Review | Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure

Grade: A
Cost: approx. $6.00
Colors pictured: "I Pink I Can" [left] and "All Fire Up" [right]
Buy at: Walmart, Target

I am always cynical about "at-home" polishing. Once I got my first pedicure in 2009, I was hooked because the color was so smooth, shiny, and lasted forever, not to mention it was also relaxing and I didn't actually have to do a yoga move to paint my toes.

This was all until I heard good things about the polish from Sally Hansen and was trying to save some money... and this was a great try! I think what did it for me was the wide brush. I cannot stand when polish has a long circular brush... I mean, do you paint your house with a brush like that?

And it REALLY does cover in one coat! I typically use two coats and then still add a clear coat (even though it says it has a top coat) because I like my nails super shiny.

Thumbs up on the color choices too :)


Do you have a Gmail account? Then you should be using iGoogle!

This is screen shot of my iGoogle page and much of where I spend my time when I first turn on my computer. Anyone with a Gmail account can set one up, customize it, and it can truly become a one stop shop for all things news, weather, etc. related.

I had a similar page when I had my yahoo account, but it seems like everyone is using gmail so I decided to drink the koolaid as well when I changed my name after I got married.

So this post might be something you all know about, but did you know about Google Reader? This little beauty of a gadget, located right above my "turtle aquarium" compiles all the blogs that I follow in order. When you click on the link, it gives you the post right there without ever leaving the page!

I also love the to-do list, weather, youtube, and bookmark apps... and see that countdown on the bottom center? Yeah, that is when I turn 30... yikes!

Comment if you have an app on your iGoogle that you absolutely love or if you have any questions!


Movie Review | Something Borrowed

Grade: B-
Date: May 11, 2011
Location: Cinnebarre - Mt. Pleasant, SC
Notes: I would recommend this movie based on what it is, an easy breezy chick flick

This movie is based on the book by Emily Giffin, which I did NOT read, so this review is on the movie only. I kind of wish I had read it now that I've seen the show, because I feel like it had so much potential for more feeling, but it just didn't come across that way.

Without spoiling it, the main character Rachel, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, was in love with the opposite guy of the one I thought she would end up with in the end. She could have gone with either one, and I think I would have been OK... which isn't the reaction you want to have when watching a movie about one's true love!

And Kate Hudson plays an annoying, crappy friend, but Jennifer also does something to make her a crappy friend, and all around, I wouldn't be friends with either of them in real life.



Do you know David Thaddeus?

If you said yes, and are not an architectural, structural, or engineering student, I am a little worried about you! 

Honestly, this post is dry, but if it helps anyone out there on the search for materials to pass the Structures portion of the ARE (Architectural Registration Exam), then I have done my part.

David Thaddeus is currently Associate Professor of Structures and Architectural Design in the College of Architecture at the University of North Carolina. He has developed a review course for the Structures portion of the ARE. Since then, his course has evolved into an intense 3 day workshop.

Professor Thaddeus, otherwise known as "the structures guru", has helped thousands take the exam with confidence and PASS. He has lectured for AIA chapters throughout the US and is coming to Charlestonon June 17th!

I struggled with whether or not I should take the course, because it is so stinkin' expensive, but advice coming from friends I trust helped me make the decision.... I am going to take it!

My friend Natalie says, "It is a lot of money, but I would absolutely recommend it. It is three days of structures and it's intense, but once you collect your thoughts you will feel more confident."

Thank you Natalie for that! Love you and miss you!

I will let you all know how my test goes, I plan on taking it at the end of June. Send the good luck my way!

Email: thaddeus@uncc.edu or contact your local AIA if you are interested in this course.


Animal Kingdom, FTW!

Me and my friend Ashley at the Kentucky Derby Party this year, it was a blast! Shout out to my friend Lauren Minors and her creation, the Tasteful Tailgate, for throwing a fabulous party with real mint juleps, real sangria, real BBQ, and a real fun time!

Pictured above are my friend Ashley and myself in "our pearls" [still acting like ladies at this point].


Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, you are all that I hope to be! All that is great in me. Thank you for always being there for us girls. I love you!



There are just too many to post, but this "Fascinator" stood out as one of my favorites worn at the royal wedding. My sister said it looks like a blue vagina, my friend asked if it was cool to put a blue canoe on one's head, but mostly, this is one of my favorite colors and what I noticed is that it appears to defy gravity. I love it!

To me, if no one was talking about my "fascinator," good or bad, then I would think I didn't make big enough of a statement. And, if it is a vagina, at least she still has her flower!


First Beach Day of the Year!

 Folly Beach, Charleston, SC
Lake Michigan - Michigan City, IN

I will admit, I am not much of a beach person. I can't stand the heat, don't care for sand in my toes, and would rather not carry a bunch of heavy crap a mile down a path to get to the actual "beach" where I don't swim in the nasty salt water anyway.

I grew up very spoiled on Great Lake Michigan. The sand is clean and made out of quartz, there is a lighthouse which serves as visual interest, the water is crisp and fresh and absolutely NOTHING to harm, bite, or sting you lives in it, and there is a giant parking lot right next to it so it makes it quite accessible. You can call me crazy, but I prefer Lake Michigan to just about any beach I have been to, sans Hawaii, now those were some gorgeous beaches!

So, like I explained I am more of a "lake" girl or a "swimming pool" girl, I love convenience, but yesterday was a PERFECT day for the beach in Charleston!

My sister and I found a parking spot in the CLOSEST spot to the beachwalk, I remembered to pack a nice lunch and plenty of water, the breeze was keeping us cool, the sun was making us burnt tan, and I had a great full day at the beach with my little sister who I don't get to see very much!

I think I can take back some of the things I may have mentioned above about Folly Beach in Charleston... that is if you follow these 5 important tips:
  1. Do not, for any reason, arrive at the beach past 10am. You will beat all the college kids and tourists if you get there before 10am and finding parking will be a ton simpler!
  2. Always use SPF before you leave the house, and pack some more spray SPF to re-apply intermittently throughout the day. I say "spray" is better because I can reach my back without bothering anybody.
  3. Pack enough water and food so you don't have to leave your spot or pay through the nose for some lunch. If you plan on being there all day, snacks and re-hydration are key!
  4. Don't go in the water. The salt hurts your eyes and you may get stung by a jelly or bitten by a shark. Chances are low, but I'm saying there's a chance!
  5. If you would like to partake in adult beverages, here are the rules for doing so at Folly:
    1. Just put it in a container, not glass, that you cannot see through. I saw people getting away with putting their can inside a red solo cup, but I am not claiming that as complying...
I would like to rant for just a sec... what IS it with the sand here in Charleston? It has dirt in it. Like black, I can't just brush it off, I need water to get it off, straight up, dirt. And it is gross. And the salt water? Forget getting the dirty sand in your eye, you might as well cry it out because if you use salt water to wash it out you also have to deal with the stinging sensation my contacs and I are not so fond of.

Anywho, yesterday probably won't be my last beach day this year, but as you can see I am a bit picky when it comes to beaching it. It is a blast with friends, but they can most likely count me out of joining them in July and August. Oh, and after 10am.
From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)