Wedding Entry #10 | Make the Day YOURS

I can’t tell you how many times people told me that our wedding “looked like me.” How can an event look like someone? I guess I get it, I over-wear the color aqua, I love spheres, sugary candy over chocolate, matchy-matchy, order within the chaos, fun… I could see it. It really all culminated down to this one fact that I got everything I wanted, within the budget I set, and it was the best day of my life.

The word “wedding planner” was a nightmare to me and I hear that they are required at some venues? I guess if my career didn’t revolve around project management I could see that I might need a planner, but when you, yourself, are an OVER planner, that is all you really need! As long as I was the one in control I didn't become a bridezilla...

Thankfully I had a very understanding fiancé, who is now an understanding husband, and we have this memory for the rest of our lives. I love wedding planning!

These “Wedding Entries” are the top 10 things I did at my wedding to make it my own, but I still do love all things wedding so I am sure the posts won’t stop, but they will be geared more towards weddings in general. As I am a future matron of honor come next April, I will be doing a lot more research!


Farmers' Markets Open!

 Baby Eggplant
Store Egg vs. Organic Free Range Chicken Egg

I am so excited that the Farmers' Markets opened back up! The above pictures are some of my finds from last year, baby egg plants and a new found love of organic eggs, and I can't wait to try out some more goodies. I am also a huge fan of the grass fed beef, Nicole's Nutty Goodness, and the crepe tent.

The Charleston Farmers' Market takes place between April 9 - December 18 from 8am-2pm at Marion Square in downtown Charleston. It is full of people, pets, great smells, and all kinds of chances to support locally grown and handmade items, plus the prepared food there is amazing so go hungry!

I have been on this recent, within the last year, curiosity binge on finding out where my food came from and what is in the food I get from the grocery store. The fact is that the facts are kind of scary. I am not SUPER-DUPER overly against processed foods, God knows I still consume them, but I would like to slowly morph my diet into something a lot more natural and healthy, one step at a time and starting with the farmer's markets.


Wedding Entry #9 | Can't Find It? Make It!

I could not find a bird cage veil at any of the stores around town, but my magazines proved that somewhere, someone, was making the pretty little veils as brides were wearing them all over their covers and pages within them.

Once I found out that the specific name of the veil was “bird cage” the search became a little easier. I found a woman online who made them [here], but I get nervous when all control is left in someone else’s hands. I really wanted a custom fit so that it wasn’t flowing over my face, too long, too short, etc., and since this was such a big part of my ensemble, it had to be perfect… so, once again, I made it myself. Me = control freak, at least I can admit it, right?

I knew I was taking a risk as I had never made one before, but I figured out the exact netting I wanted to use, ordered enough to make two veils just in case, and got to work. I did end up making two, but just chose the one that fit me best and the result is the picture above. 

One of my bridesmaids gave me a hair clip that I modified a bit and clipped it to my hair over the veil. After the ceremony was over, I removed the veil and just wore the clip. I can’t explain what my attraction was to this veil, I just knew that I did not want a super elaborate and long one, and this was sort of where I ended up - I really loved it!

Some girls told me that they “wished” they could pull off that look and my response to them was, did you think I pulled it off?!? Fooled them! I wasn’t sure I could wear it either; I just know that if you put something on with confidence, you will rock it every time! I mean, it isn’t everyday that I wear a floor length white gown either.

The one issue I had was a bit of wedding overload and I will warn you about this if you do decide to make a bunch of stuff for your big day. Be honest with yourself because maybe what you made isn't the best thing out there? I wish I would have thought to have someone else proofread my printables. I misspelled the word "marriage" in our program and it still drives me nuts to this day! I hate misspellings and have a terrible habit of correcting everything I am reading... I've been known to correct published books! But when you are the one writing everything, I think a second set of eyes will never hurt.

If you are looking for a specific item, but can't or don't want to make it yourself, there are a lot of crafty people on Etsy that would LOVE to help! Give me a shout if you need some advice.


Vegas Baby!

My husband, Steven, and I went to Las Vegas for our 2 year anniversary. We switch up the years of which one of us plans the trip and I hope to (at least we plan to) take a trip or make special plans every year. Being that this was an even year, it was his choice and he went BIG! Vegas Baby!

Some of my favorite things about Vegas are pictured above and listed below: Sites, Shopping, Dining, and Shows! As this was my first trip there I feel secure in saying there is no place like it!

  • Trying on a 52,000 Mikimoto Pearl Necklace
  • Seeing a Steel Panther Show
  • Seeing Cirque du Soleil - KA - show
  • Being able to buy an iPad for what we paid for our anniversary dinner
  • Staying in Caesar's Palace
  • Some much needed relaxation
  • and of course, spending some time with my amazing husband
When we make our next trip I would love to stay at the new Aria resort. It was by far the newest and most modern hotel and Casino there. Can't wait!


I Got Banged :)

Every 5 years or so I cut bangs in my hair. Last time I did it I was about 24 so yes, being 29, that is about right. I always hate them and usually just wear them once and then immediately pin them back and grow them out.

This time I didn't make the mistake of cutting them myself and actually went to my stylist. It should have been no surprise that she did a much better job of it than I did and I actually love them. I am hoping they still look good during the summer heat and humidity of Charleston, but so far so good!


Jenn & Rich Get Hitched!

Thank goodness the rain held off for the beautiful nuptials of great friends Jenn & Rich! The property was on the river in beautiful Awendaw, SC and the weather started a bit shaky, chilly and windy, but it ended up being a beautiful and calm night. I don't think the bride nor groom even noticed as the love level in the air was at an all time high! Congratulations to you two and a lifetime of love and happiness to you both!


Dayton, OH project, before + after shots!

My project in Dayton, OH is almost finished! It is a small medical clinic and the building is almost 100 years old. Above are the exterior before and after shots. There were many challenges when dealing with the old structure, like the fact that its latest use was for a gay bar. In its hay-day Frank Sinatra used to sing on the stage in this establishment... but if you look on youtube, it is mostly shirtless Latino men ;)

B-E-A-UTIFUL wedding!

It was a perfect Saturday for a wedding and my friend Tyler and her fiancee Danny planned just that! It was held at Lowndes Grove Plantation here in Charleston and was right on the water. Couple that with a great band, delicious food, and fun friends and you've got yourself quite an evening!

Pictured above are most of my Charleston girlfriends [and myself], followed by the first dance, the cake under the tent, and the bride walking down the aisle with the plantation house in the background. The night went on to the wee hours of the morning and Steven and I had a blast!


Happy Birthday to my 1 year old neice, Ainsley!

Happy First Birthday to my youngest neice, Ainsley! You have changed so much in the past year and spending time with you always brings a smile to my face. Love you darling girl!


Wedding Entry #8 | Local Flavor

Sometimes, you can use tradition to your advantage, like when it comes to the catering menu. When I found out what the cost was to upgrade the meals to steak and chicken instead of something else and chicken, I found it comforting to know that since a lot of our guests were coming in from out of town, they might appreciate a little lowcountry cuisine. We served shrimp and grits along with our chicken dish and saved a bundle. Overall cost for our catering was about $6,900, but included all rentals (linens, plates, forks, glasses, etc.) and even the full bar tab as well.

This was actually a recommendation of Elaine at Hamby Catering [shout out!]. She said a great way to serve steak would be in the passed hors de oeuvres during the cocktail party, after the ceremony, but before the actual meal (basically this is “picture time” for the bride, groom, and wedding party). And so that is what we did. We served some of our favorites, albeit pricey, bacon wrapped scallops, beef tenderloin crustadas, and she-crap soup in demitasse cups.

Another popular local item is a palmetto rose made by kids around the market area in downtown Charleston. I commissioned a young boy to make 15 small roses [$3 a piece] that I added ribbon and pins to so they could be used as boutonnieres and corsages [seen in the above picture]. This became a keep-sake for the wedding party as these won’t wilt and die like a flower will. It gave a great look and feel for our lowcountry wedding.


Florida Architecture

I finally got to see Michael Graves' Post Office in Celebration outside of Orlando Florida. I love his design, so simple and fun, almost a cartoon... I wish I had his clients!
From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)