Vote Schmote

I am embarrassed to say this, but when Steven and I moved a couple of years ago, I never thought about my voting precinct too much. I know that you have to be registered to be able to vote, I know that I AM registered to vote, I knew that I had to change my address (something that is easily done online) and the thought never crossed my mind that I had MOVED TO ANOTHER COUNTY!

So, crap - now there is nothing I can do since it is past October 6th. I have officially become someone who owns three properties in this state, smart enough to know how to vote, paid attention to the debates, read articles online, scoured my deepest most inner thoughts, have voted in every presidential election since I was the tender age of 18, and now I can’t vote at all.

Something is wrong with this picture (not the picture below - although both halves of my friends would disagree). The fact that someone like me who is reasonably capable, able-bodied, responsible, college educated, etc. and WANTS to vote, but can’t, is a problem for this country in my opinion. 

What about the elderly? The poor? The college students? The business men and women that don’t have the time to stand in line or have the wherewithal to vote absentee? A record shattering 130 million voters came out in 2008 to vote in the presidential election, but that doesn't seem too high of a number considering 132 million votes were cast for Phillip Phillips to win American Idol. There just has to be a better way (online?). One vote per social security number, guarded by a password, sent to you by a letter or a confirmed email, with a retinal scanner, and a thumbprint reader... I mean, my gosh...

I have always tight-roped on bipartisan lines and have voted both Democratic and Republican in past presidential elections, so I guess that is the bright side since I probably could have gone either way. I tend to just vote for who I like better and agree with more on my personal major issues - women's rights, using solar and wind energy, keeping those unwilling to work unpaid...

I guess my vote in South Carolina wouldn’t have counted for much anyways being a traditional “red” state, but please vote if you can. Use all resources to make an educated decision and don't drink too much coffee while you wait in line - there aren't many bathrooms.