Happy Birthday Sarah!

I was so happy to actually be able to spend your birthday with you! That is my mom on the left, my three beautiful nieces in the middle, and the birthday girl to the right. That cake was darn good too! :)

P.S. I hope that is my dad in the background washing his hands dishes. A role model for husbands everywhere. haha!

This is where the real fun began... that night at the casino!

Literally right after this picture was taken, she was called in to substitute teach the next morning. Oh, the irony! :)


Minnie Misses Me!

I went on a weeklong trip home for my best friend's shower and my older sister's birthday... and my baby girl missed me!

Her handwriting is getting so much better, but her camera skills could use some work. ;)


Clinique on Trial

OK, I have greasy eye lids and the more I've talked to my friends about this problem, the more that I realize I am not the only one! Which is both comforting and frustrating at the same time.

I have been using Mary Kay eye primer for the past 8 years and it works OK for my needs, but I still get creases in my eye shadow before the end of the work day. While walking by the Clinique counter a few months back, I asked if they had anything to prevent creases in my eye shadow and the girl gave me the Touch Base.

I liked it OK but didn't see a huge difference from the Mary Kay.

I went this past weekend for the Clinique bonus and when I asked a different lady about my greasy lids she said that the lid smoothie would last "much longer" than the touch base would... Well, see below...

I can't tell much of a difference beyond the $5.00 additional on the price tag.

Clinique Lid Smoothie -
Bit of Honey $20

Clinique Touch Base -
Canvas Light $15




I just checked the mirror and it is almost 5pm and I would have to say that if I had to choose one over the other it would be the Lid Smoothie. I took my finger and a tissue and tried to smooth the eyeshadow back out and I think it did a better job than the touch base... 

...but I am still searching so if anyone has that perfect product, send it my way!


Funny Conversations

I love when things just genuinely make me laugh out loud. When a normal conversation can lead to me into fits of laughter, I have to say, is probably my most favorite thing in the world. Laughter is the best medicine!

Here are three conversations that lead me to laughter over the past few days.

Between me and a great friend

Me: "So, I am embarrassed to say this, but have you heard of the show 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?'"
Friend: "Heard of it?!? I DVR'd it and I think I'm obsessed!"
Me: "You better red-neck-ognize!"
Friend: "A dollar makes me hollar, honey boo boo."

Between me and a sweet husband

Me: "Honey, I think you are missing the point."
Steven: "I KNOW, Jo!"
a few seconds go by...
Me: "You know that you just said that you are missing the point, right?"
Steven: "...Yeah..."

Between me and an adorable nephew while playing the ABC game in the car

Me: " My name is Elizabeth, my husband's name is Edward, we come from England, and we sell Elephants."
Nephew: " My name is Fart, and my wife's name is... FRANKENSTEIN! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! "
followed by more hysterical laughter 
[I love this kid.]


Who Wore it Best?

So, Miley or Draco? :)


Shark Week!

I thought I would celebrate Shark Week's 25th Anniversary with a little shark of my own! My little Minnie has dressed up for the occasion. :)

She even came to my office and scared all of my coworkers with her dorsal fin! Ok, not really. haha!


PGA Championship 2012

I had the fortunate opportunity to go to the PGA played right here near my town of Charleston! It was a blast. It is always fun to go out to Kiawah because it is literally breathtaking.

Condé Nast Traveler recently named the Kiawah Island Golf Resort and The Sanctuary the #1 golf resort in the Southeast... and that is really saying something if you know how many courses there are around here! :)

They were also ranked #1 in the world for tennis and check out the Ocean Course in the picture below! We had wonderful weather.

I also snuck this picture of Phil Mickelson teeing off. Technically I wasn't allowed to do this so let's just keep this between us. ;)

Old Lefty was all smiles and I couldn't help by think of my grandfather, also a lefty, who was probably cheering for Phil from heaven.


Public Knowledge | FAIL

Well, I never...

I am doing some research on business ownership and pool construction and generally felt the urge to go to the library yesterday because of my recent thirst for knowledge. Well, I got freaking rejected at the library closest to my place of employment when I tried to renew my card - because I no longer lived in that county! They informed me I could pay the $40 that people pay on their taxes annually to use the library or I could haul my ass up to Dorchester County and use their library since that is where I live now.

So, I headed towards home.  I drove up to the library closest to my house and the receptionist politely said that she was sorry, this is Charleston County and I live in Dorchester County so unless I am military, own property in Charleston County, or pay $40, I am not getting any books. AGAIN?!? I kind of threw a small tantrum of sorts and stormed out of there to my car wondering where this supposed county that I live in is located?!?

… but I remembered…

I OWN A F-ING CONDO IN CHARLESTON COUNTY!!! Now I just have to prove it.

Thank God we had to bring in a bunch of past tax information to get a pre-approval on a bank loan recently because I had my most recent Charleston County tax receipt in my car. I went back in there proudly and handed her the proof and she said, "but it says 'this is not a bill." And I said "because it is a receipt!" And I wasn't going to take no for an answer. Frankly, I think she was a little scared of me so she gave me a card. I have never been so happy to still own my little condo in Charleston County. It was the most expensive Library Card I have ever owned.

Well, as it turns out, the library doesn't have near the quantity of books that it used to have and it was kind of a bust. Like, for real, here is their typing station:

I had a Zoolander moment when I thought "How do you expect the children to learn how to type when they can't even find the typewriter!" Then I smiled because my first computer was a typewriter... and my first text was a letter.

From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)