Wide Shoes... again!

Since one of my first blog posts was about wide shoes, I feel it only appropriate to start my blog back up with a wide shoe post! I couldn’t let it sit on my last entry which featured me “loving” Ivanka Trump. I am not sure any of my feelings toward her family are appropriate for public posting so we will leave it at that!

Back to the post, I needed some new wide athletic shoes to go with my new gym membership. I feel like such a cliche joining a gym during New Year! The Adidas outlet had none, the Reebok outlet had none and pointed me towards men's shoes, and the Nike outlet had two different choices – this one felt the best. 

I bought the shoe even though I wasn’t super stoked about the black on black design, but I also bought new shoelaces and that makes me very happy!

Here you have it, my new athletic shoes and possibly the one pair that fits me in Charleston and a new blog post to get my rambling ideas back up and "running." Get it? ;)

From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)