Children's School Outfit Accessories

My friend Kasey is very talented and makes adorable headbands and bracelets, and pretty much anything with fabric. She models them on her adorable little girls and has come up with some very cute ideas!

I personally love the one she posted recently of navy and white gingham flowers on a headband. It takes me back to the days where I wore navy and white (and occasionally plaid) for 8 years in private school. How much simpler it was to get dressed in those days!

This one is amazing as well... wonder what my nieces think of this?!

Check out Kasey's blog and her etsy links here.



Sneaky Kitty

My cat just stares and stares at my husband while he works during the day (from home, obviously). So he texts me these pictures of Colin "watching" him work. Or "stealing his soul," like Steven says. The funny thing is that Colin doesn't like it if you look back at him - how rude!

So THIS is how Steven caught him staring at him the next day. Hilarious, if you ask me.


Pro-bono Logo

A friend who I grew up with a LONG time ago recently started a childcare service. She has worked so hard to renovate a whole wing of her house, add a playset, get licensed, etc. and I felt like she deserved some free design!

My niece recently started going there on a per day basis (when my sister needs a daytime sitter) and she had such a great time! I feel good knowing that she is in good hands at "With Love and Hugs Childcare."

Upon viewing her facebook page I didn't see any logos or banners or anything so I took it upon myself to design one for her as a surprise. I have been so impressed with her drive and commitment to education that I couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

The email she sent me back was payment enough. I am overwhelmed with happiness write now! She wrote:

"My partner, Amy, and I were SOOOOoooo excited after reading your e-mail!! Like jumping for joy excited!!! Not even kidding!! Getting a logo is something we have been discussing now that our name has been getting out there, but had no clue where or how to begin!! We did look at your awesome designing and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with the pink!!! It is PERFECT!!!!! Thank you so much!! Your expertise, talent, and kindness will help us out so much!! You truly are amazing!!!! We would completely LOVE to use it if you are sure you are completely okay with it!!!!  Thank you again for thinking of us!!!!!"

Who would not be overwhelmed with a response like that! She totally made my day. :)


Blue for Baby Girls

When one of my good friends decided she wasn’t going to find out the gender of her baby, but painted the nursery blue anyways I was curious. I said, “What if it is a girl?” And she said, “She will have a blue room.” I loved the idea! 

Blue has always been one of my favorite colors so why should a baby be clad in pink just because she is a girl? I’ve heard of people saying “What a cute boy,” when it is actually a girl if the little one isn’t entirely draped in pink, but who cares, it is a comment from a stranger anyways.

This design page “Blue for Baby Girls” is my inspiration that comes from these thoughts and also from my future niece! The room she is to use is already painted a really pretty shade of blue (similar to the background of the page) and this is what I would do with the room knowing I was having a girl.


5 things I would like to have...

Yes, this post is coming a month prior to my birthday, but in no way shape or form do I need any of these items... it is simply a list of extraneous items that I would normally just buy, but do not need... especially since I have been trying to save up a little nest egg. :)

Plus, I am already getting what I want for my birthday! My big sister and my best friend are coming down to visit for a little beach getaway... so excited!


What do I need with a mobile you may ask? I just think it is so cute! I have always loved miniatures, and I sure do have a lot of head room above my desk at work.


I am what you may call a USB hoarder. Plus I like really cool looking shit... and this satisfies both needs! OK, I could settle for one like this:

or like this:
[Look! He has change in his shell! How cute.]


I have really inconvenient hair that has to be dried after every shower or I risk looking like the lunch lady or bus driver or 20 year older version of myself. I think this would speed things up a bit.


by Eero Aarnio

It is my dream to take a picture of my future son or daughter in this chair every year on their birthday (and I guess every month of their first year) to see how they change. I like the red, but would probably go with a grey interior so that it could more easily match other decor. I WILL own this chair someday!


I just get this weird feeling that someday there will be no more typewriters to steal keys from, so it would be pertinent for me to get one of these right? ;)

Pertinent, but not necessary, I know, I know.


Happy Halloween...[?]

This is what greeted me during my lunchtime trip to check out the newly remodeled HomeGoods today. I was just killing time on August 22nd, not anywhere near October, and was reminded, once again, how fast this year is moving!

So, trick or treat?


My New Obsession : Fine Chocolate

The great thing about fine chocolate from Christophe is that you can't afford to engorge yourself! At $2.00 a piece you can appreciate the fine ingredients and craftsmanship and savor every bite... this is what makes calories so worth it!

See that little blue beauty on the bottom right? That is a bleu cheese ganache chocolate. This goes amazingly well with a nice Crianza wine before a meal or on its own... one of my favorites! Another of my favorites are the gold domes on the top left - a caramel filled sea salt milk chocolate. The sea salt makes all the difference in any chocolate if you ask me... sort of like a chocolate covered pretzel, without the pretzel. [Pretzel is a funny word.]

You can turn an ordinary night with a movie into a luxurious dessert night with a few fine chocolates and a bottle of wine! This beats ice cream or popcorn every time in my book.


Friend's New Baby!

How precious. That is all that can be said about this brand new chubby cheeked bundle of love!

Congratulations go out to my friends Kelly and Darin, Eleanor Kate is such a blessing!

She arrived yesterday at 12:51pm and measures 7 lbs. - 5 oz. and 20.5" long. I hear she has tons of dark hair too! 


Architecture Vocabulary

Did you know that cement is one of the three ingredients in concrete? Concrete is made up of aggregates (sand, gravel, etc.), water, and cement (as in Portland Cement).

So next time, instead of saying "Cement sidewalk," say "Concrete sidewalk" and you will be using the correct vocabulary!

The thing that kills me is that people on remodeling shows on networks like HGTV and TLC, people who should know the difference between concrete and cement, still use "cement" incorrectly. So now knowing this tip, it will probably aggravate you as well. ;)


Another NIECE!

Just found out that another girl will be gracing my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's household! This will make their 3rd girl and they already have a little boy. I am so excited for them! Especially for little Ainsley who will have a best friend for life being that she will only be 1 year 8 months when the new baby comes. I couldn't imagine my life without my sisters and I can only hope for the same for all of them!

This whole post brings me to another point... I consciously made sure that in the heading of this post I put NIECE so that no one would think I was the one having a baby girl. No one ever prepared me for this time in my life where I have a doctor's appointment or choose Coke over a Beer and undoubtedly everyone will ask if I am pregnant.

To be honest, I am just not ready. Sure, I am almost 30. And yes, I have been married for over two years, but I am finding these to be the best years of my life and I don't want to spoil them. OK, maybe "spoil" was the wrong word, because I sure am looking forward to having kids one day. I just want to make sure it is a conscious decision and that I can give them as much of my time as possible, something I am lacking in these days...


Indiana Tragedy

What was supposed to be a fun time at a Sugarland Concert turned into tragedy for 5 families on Saturday at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Five is the death toll from the collapsing stage due to extreme wind gusts and the injured list is well over 40 people. My heart goes out to these families.

This just makes me realize that nothing is promised in life. Tell your family that you love them, everyday if you can, and live life to the fullest. Be a dependable person, a great friend, a selfless human being that brings happiness to others - because in the end all people have are their memories.


Reflections... foreshadowing?

I can't wait for football season to start... thankfully the lockout is over! I was happy to see this little reflection on the sidewalk on the way to my car the other day after work... Go COLTS! And I am also SUPER excited that the Superbowl will be played at our new Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy this season!

Favorite Recipe for Football Season:

Buffalo Chicken Dip


8 oz. pkg. cream cheese
1/2 cup blue cheese or ranch salad dressing
1/2 cup any flavor buffalo wing sauce, add more if you like spice!
1 cup crumbled blue cheese or shredded mozzarella cheese
2 cans (12.5 oz. each) chicken breast in water, drained

Combine all ingredients in saucepan on stove or in crock pot. Stir together and serve with celery, crackers, or chips! In my opinion, this dip is best served with Fritos Scoops. There is already a double batch of this divine creation in my freezer.


The Best Week Ever...

goes like this:

Monday |
I get flowers delivered to my office from my husband... what holiday was it you ask? None! It was an incredibly cute surprise and I got totally red-faced and felt very lucky. The only negative to come out of that was our Business Manager told one of our office girls that her husband should "take notes." Who says that? It was super embarrassing, maybe even more for me. Seriously, keep your cynical comments to yourself.

Monday night |
I was thinking in the car ride on my way home from yoga class that I had to unload the dishwasher and pull my cat's bed out of the wash to put it back together, do the litter box, take a shower, fix some dinner and turn on my True Blood on the DVR... to my surprise - all of it was done but the litter box (some things will just NEVER happen - haha) and my shower of course. Dinner was even made so I was able to sit down and relax a half an hour earlier than I thought!

Tuesday |
After having a wonderful IIDA meeting at the brand new Thai Basil Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, I came home to a shiny new DVR in the spare TV room! We previously only had one, so when Hell's Kitchen, Design Star, and Bachelor Pad all came on at the same time there was a conflict of only being able to record two shows at once, now we can record 4! :)

Wednesday |
I reveived news that I PASSED my Structures Exam! Finally, after waiting for 6 weeks I got the results. After previously failing this exam, I was SO HAPPY that my retake was a PASS! YES! and to almost top that, my boss walks around with our quarterly bonus checks to hand out! Score!

Thursday |
Although this is bittersweet, this day was our lunch and happy hour celebration for our dear friend and co-worker, Emily, to go back to school. I will really miss her but I am sure I will see her often and her school is only 3 hours away! I've never been to a Clemson Football Game, but I plan to remedy that this coming fall.

Friday |
Well, for one, today is FRIDAY! :) Plus I get to find out if my sister-in-law is having another boy or girl at a cupcake reveal party tonight. She is handing over the sex in a sealed envelope from the doctor to the baker and having her make all the cupcakes with filling. All will have white filling but one, which will have blue or pink filling, and then we get to see what he/she is going to be! Can't wait for tonight. :)


100th Post!

Wow, I wasn't sure I would keep up with this whole blog thing... turns out I like getting my ideas and opinions out there, even if nobody reads them. Thanks for reading if you do!

If I have helped anyone with even the most minute idea or detail, I have done my job. Wonder if I can press print one day and give this book to my grand-kids? I better keep it clean if I plan to do that... nah - haha! ;)


Bacon Flavored Syrup

This takes ice cream [or coffee?] to a whole new level... I fully support bacon as seen [here], but I am not sure I need a whole bottle... do they sell mini-bottles of this stuff?


Pancake Batter in a Redi-whip Can?

For those have have seen this product and wondered...  - I can tell you no, it is NOT worth it.

My husband had this strange fascination with this "Organic" pancake batter in a can... which is an oxy-moron if you ask me. I didn't let him get it when we were shopping together, but later that week after he had gone to the store by himself, this substance magically appeared in our refrigerator. He couldn't help his curiosity.

So Saturday morning he heated up a pan and sprayed this batter into it... it was a little too runny to form a nice circle and the end product, although it tasted OK, was a little chewy.

I guess this is sort of a product review, just not in my normal format, so I feel compelled to tell you to just get the little jugs of the pancake mix where you add the milk TO the jug and shake it if you want to be a little lazy [pictured below]. It is comparably priced, saves a bowl and spoon from needing washing, and tastes a lot more authentic. When you are through, simply rinse and recycle the little jug.


Design Inspiration

There are so many inspiring things in this world and with the internet these items are more at our fingertips than ever before. I was just reintroduced to this print by Andy Warhol. It is called "Butterflies" but the version that has the "big green butterfly in the center." Not to be confused with the more popular cousin of this print simply called "Butterflies." Right now this print is the inspiration for a nursery someday (if we have a girl).

I think about kids and nursery design all the time. As this is most likely the next big step in my life, I can't help it. To me, life and design go hand in hand so it feels natural. I have always enjoyed fun colorful architecture and I hope to do more of this type of design in the future!

Part of my second year of architecture school was spent creating a custom residence for Andy Warhol which looked like this:

The grid effect was taken from the classic iconic self-portrait art of Warhol like the one pictured below. I tried to keep the design within his color palette and give him spaces to let him live his alternative lifestyle. For only having a year of architecture school under my belt, I was proud of this project.

From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)