Wood Floors

So, I said that I would like to have ash flooring, based on my inspiration image of these ash floors with an ebony stain below: 

That was price prohibitive so what is a girl with dreams of a non-browny floor to do?

White oak was our answer. 

We went with 4.25" (if we went any wider, they would also have to be glued down instead of just nailed) solid white oak and have decided on Jacobean as the stain color. I told my flooring finisher that I would like for them to show a lot of grain so we went with the "common" grade which has more grain but not many knots.

Here they are laid and ready to be finished.

We are finishing up other things (like interior paint!) before the flooring can be done so I will post a picture once they are ready.
From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)