5 Year Anniversary!

Happy 5 years to my loving husband! 

Below, we are holding the item I made and gave him with the traditional 5 year "wood" theme... our new future house numbers! We also got these pictures taken on our lot, just a few days before construction started... we are really excited to get this house built!

and how freaking cute is Minnie on her chair in this picture. :)


Messy Box?

I should preface this post with the fact that I am not a parent. I hope to be someday, but the below is an idea that I had that I wanted to write down.

Once my kids reach a certain age, and they don’t clean up their stuff, I want to have a giant box (maybe even with their name on it) that their stuff goes into if I am the one that has to pick it up after one warning. To get their items back they will have to do a chore or pay money. If it stays in the box for more than three months, maybe we donate it. And the money I collect can also go to the poor children who don’t have money for nice toys. The whole idea would be that they would respect and appreciate their belongings.

Just an idea to throw out there!


it IS weird

I don't care what actor Ansel Elgort says, the fact that he plays Shailene's brother in Divergent and then her lover in The Fault in Our Stars is weird to me. I mean, the movies come to theaters less than three months from each other!

The Fault in Our Stars - lovers

Divergent - brother and sister
Of course he doesn't think it is weird... he has to say that! He just landed two major movie roles (and to be fair, so did she) so why would he bite the hand that feeds him?

This, to me, is like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart or Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams all of the sudden playing brother and sister. I think that, with time, it may have been OK... but the shows are released too close to each other to have this happen, in my opinion.

I've already seen and am committed to the Divergent series, so I don't know if I will be seeing The Fault in Our Stars anytime soon for that reason. Having seen A Walk to Remember may be enough for me as I gather it is near the same premise. I may pick it up if I need a good cry though!


HIMYM - series finale

The How I Met Your Mother series just ended and in my opinion, the finale was fantastic. I don’t understand why people are saying that the show left them with more questions than answers…  such is life! I love how they kept it real with the issues of growing older/apart, it helps me realize that other people go through those times and struggles as well!


Barney Stinson
Something never felt right to me about his marriage to Robin. In the “show time” the marriage really only lasted about 10 minutes, but they explain that it lasted about 3 years. That seems about right to me. He isn’t fit to be an old married man, with one woman, for the rest of his life, and I think that is OK. The fact that he eventually had a daughter was the perfect retribution for leading his life the way he did – as a womanizer.  I was really moved when he fake- told the girl in the bar something like “all that he is, was, or ever will be, and everything he has is hers,” then was like “yeah right, get moving,” but then repeated the same quote to his daughter - his REAL one true love. I think being a dad will change him for the better, especially since it is to a little girl, and this will be the one woman (besides his mom) that he can never leave.

Marshall & Lily
I will talk about these as a package of one because that is what they are. This duo has what it appears everyone wants to have, when maybe it really isn’t for everyone. Robin tried the whole married thing, Ted couldn’t find love, Barney’s only one true love is his daughter… is getting married and having three kids perfection for everyone? It seems that their life took the most “normal” approach. They were lucky to have met the right one early in life and were able to set an example for their friends as the way to have a healthy relationship. Everyone knows a couple like them, seemingly perfect in every way. We know that they move to the suburbs and that Marshall gets to be a judge, but I wish we would have gotten to see more of what Lily was doing. They followed her dream and did go to Italy, but was that it for her? Now she just gets to be a mom to 3? If it is what she wants, I am good, we just don’t know that.

Robin Scherbatsky
I never felt right about Robin and Barney getting married, especially when her “sign” was provided by Ted (the locket). The fact that she and Barney had an amicable divorce about three years after is REAL to me. I always had a little inkling in the back of my mind that she would end up being the mother somehow, but I gave up on that theory when we met the actual mother and when “grown Ted” would refer to her as Aunt Robin to the kids. Robin and Ted ending up together, later in life, is actually perfect. They both got exactly what they wanted; Ted a family and Robin her career, for the bulk of their middle aged years, and now they can grow old together since Ted’s wife passed away. It is sad, but a beautiful gesture to not leave Robin hanging all alone for eternity as far as the viewers could tell. I think she always felt torn about what she wanted from life, and not being able to have her own (or generally liking) little kids was something she wasn’t prepared to commit to, but now she can I think since they are older. Sometimes having it all just takes a little time.

Ted Mosby
Ted had a rollercoaster of relationships and we got to see every single one. I think his love stories tell more about the different types of girls that are out there than how he changes as he pretty much stayed true to who he is the entire time, which I love. I really like that he didn’t settle for anyone, but also that the women were smart enough to be the one to go sometimes (Stella) when he tried to force it. I thought for a long while that Victoria was going to be the mother, and although the show revisited their relationship, it proves that the potential of something can actually be built up in your head to be greater than the actuality of it. As we were nearing the end of the series, his unresolved issues towards Robin left me thinking. Through all the differences of what Robin and Ted wanted from life, were they meant to be together? How could Robin be the mother if she couldn’t have kids, and would she give up her career? That doesn’t sound like her. The show answered that for me when I saw the mother lying in the hospital bed through tear filled eyes. Everything that Ted had ever wanted and had waited for was gone. The lesson this teaches is that sometimes it is better to have something amazing for a short time than a lifetime of mediocre love and disappointment and that life is short! When his kids jokingly say that through all these stories and time he spent telling them how he met their mother, it was really about how he was “totally into Robin,” and then they gave her their stamp of approval. Ted shows up to Robin’s window with a blue french horn. That was a perfect ending.

Also, here is a much better recap than I provided... without my opinions strung on everything. :)

From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)