Or snowpocalypse... whatever they are calling it... was really just a bunch of ice in Charleston. I had fun working from home in sweatpants though! Here are some pictures I took of the damage.

While looking at facebook at my friend’s snow pictures, I see one very noticeable difference (besides the amount of snow) between my friends from the Midwest and my friends from the South… their clothes!

While living in the Midwest, snow was expected, especially where I lived off of Lake Michigan with the lake effect snow. We had snow suits, matching hats and gloves, and don’t forget a great pair of water proof insulated boots. People up north have to wear these things every year (and for a good part of the year) so it is worth the investment.

Down here… not so much. I haven’t bought a new winter coat in EIGHT years. The weather just doesn’t call for it. But, on the occasion that a storm does pass through Charleston, the outfits are hilarious! Together, layers upon layers of random articles for thermal, topped with a windbreaker for moisture protection, your mom’s gloves, and your brother’s rain boots, you grab whatever you can to get out of the house with one goal, to stay warm and dry!

I can say that it looks like a blast either way. :)


Bachelor Wedding

So, I may or may not have REALLY wanted to watch The Bachelor Sean Lowe's wedding... I put the date in my phone... probably 3 months ago. :)


Opti-Free Lens Cleaner

I don't know if you are partial to any brand of contact lens cleaner or not, I just thought I would share that the best, hands down, cleaner that I have used is the Opti-free Pure Moist. Yes, it is more expensive... but when a bottle lasts a couple of months (with daily use), how can you fret over a couple of dollars?

What brings me to this post is that I foolishly was tempted (and gave into said temptation) by a sale of 4 bottles of contact solution at a great price. Mistake! It took almost a year for me to use that stuff up as I seriously cannot waste anything, but I am back home to Opti-free and my eyes are loving it!


Los Angeles Vacation

I took an impromptu trip over the weekend to visit my husband while he was on business in LA. I have always wanted to visit and I even got to see something on my bucket list - Walt Disney's Concert Hall. The temps were perfect, in the middle to upper 70s, and we had a great time. We tried to do different mini trips each day, and here is what we came up with:

Friday - I had this day to myself since my husby was still working... did downtown LA and saw the concert hall, museums (MOCA) and did a little shopping.

LOVED the building above, but how ugly are these interiors though? Pull it together Gehry! 

Saturday was all about Hollywood and Beverly Hills!

Sunday was beautiful beach weather. We headed to the Santa Monica Pier.

And, of course, we ate. :)

I would say the trip was a success! That plane ride on the way home was a beat down though. LA to Baltimore... longest ride ever. On the way out I connected in Chicago and much preferred that.

Next time I go to Cali, I think I'll head to wine country. Such a beautiful state.


The Bachelor | Juanuary

I love The Bachelor show. It is one of my guilty - I don't have to think - pleasures. I am not a huge Juan Pablo fan, but he is growing on me. I think he is a genuinely nice and sweet person and a good dad.

Here are my top four picks for him for this season... I wonder how I'll do in this guessing game? I put them in order of my current favorites, Clare being #1 right now.


One of their dates was a photoshoot for Models and Mutts and one of the dogs was a Frenchie! So adorable. :)


Traffic Experiment

When attempting to choose lanes during a small traffic backup during rush hour... always get behind the pizza delivery person. They know their routes. :)


2014 Pantone Color of the Year | radiant orchid

Not sure if I am loving the "color of the year" ... last year's color - emerald - is one of my favorite colors, but I would say that purple ranks at or near the very bottom of my preference list. I don't know why. I like pink and blue... and together they make purple, so, what is my deal?

I think it can be a soft accent to many other colors, I do like the wallpaper in my inspiration image above, but I would never choose to feature this color. That is just my personal preference.

In thinking about colors, here is my absolute favorite (right now) below. It is sort of a Tiffany's box meets up with a few extra drops of green. Love it. :)

From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)