Luck Be A Lady

This is the time of year when many women say goodbye to their men on Sundays (and Monday nights) (Oh, and Thursday nights) (Oh gosh, Saturdays too for college games...) for about 5 months. It's football season! and unless you are a woman that also enjoys watching it, you will most likely find yourself doing other things during this time.

Good thing for me is that I actually quite enjoy this time of year. We are big NFL fans and there is something about my husband being planted there in the living room with the TV tuned to programming that I only care to pay about 15% attention to - when the Colts are playing and when any team is about to score, that I really like. (I get a warning yell before each score courtesy of my husband... either a YES! or a NO!).

For me, this is the perfect time for a self proclaimed avid crafter to get some projects done! I can sit and crochet little hats for winter time gifts, play on my iPad, work on the computer at the kitchen table, do a painting project, or even experiment in the kitchen, all while "spending time" with my husband.

As the years have gone on I have found myself more and more interested in the game. I find myself asking what happened to certain players, cheering for others, and stating my opinions about some. I think perhaps the South is rubbing off on me a little bit in regards to football!

The fantasy draft has been quite elusive to me during this entire time. My husband and I have made it through 7 football seasons and he has won his fantasy league quite a few times! We have gone to Vegas and gotten a big screen TV all from money he has won. (I would say this has worked out nicely for me :).

I feel like all the time he spends on the fantasy league has been well spent because it is something that he enjoys immensely. It is a hobby that is not harmful to him or anyone else. It is relatively cheap and he can be home to do it (we get the NFL Sunday ticket), and the fact that I don't mind it is just a bonus, but this year, one thing is different...

I drafted my very own team in my first fantasy league with my friends! It is a no-money league, but bragging rights will be fun to have if I do well, especially since I drafted my team all on my own. I was a little overwhelmed (30 seconds to choose my next player), but it was important that I do it myself so that no one could say that "Steven did it" if I won. He is also a part of this league so it will be fun when we go head to head as well.

So, Luck Be a Lady, is in the running! I wonder how I'll do since most of my team was based on good looks?!? See my avatar below. :)


Murray Barn

Here is one of the first projects I completed at my new position. The 'before' picture is on the bottom right, an old unused garage.

Some new siding on the interior, new siding on the exterior, new lighting, doors, plumbing, landscaping, tire swing, weather-vane, OK, new everything... and the horses have a place to call home!

They are both named Dakota, btw. They came named like that from different places. I distinguish them by calling one North and one South, and I think they like it. Their home I mean, not their nicknames.

For the record, this is the biggest [literally] client that I've had. Unless I get into designing zoo habitats, it will probably remain my biggest client!


I'm Predictable [and OK with that]

Two different people made the same post on my facebook page, just days apart from each other and without knowing the other had done it! This has never happened to me before in this specific way and so close together, I was laughing a good bit about it. I guess I am just that predictable!

It is aqua french bulldog art, and they are right, I DO love them! But what is not to love? Maybe the price tag... my friend is pointing out that in the bottom pic the price is listed as $169 EACH... for a print!

Come on, I am no artist but even I could buy a french bulldog vinyl decal ($5), stick it on a canvas ($10), brush my favorite color all over it ($2), peel off the vinyl, and voila! You just saved $150! :) Now, if they were the original works actually signed by David Bromstad, then that may be a different story.



Freezers are Under-rated

While walking into the office on an early Monday morning...

Me:     "Good morning! Oh no, what happened?"
S:       "The refrigerator must have went out over the weekend and everything in the freezer melted all over the place."
Me:     "What was in the freezer?
S:       "Catfish stew."



Yearly Bucket List

Do you ever wake up on a gorgeous Saturday morning and you want to go do something but you don't know what that something is? I do that all the time. To remedy this I decided to make a yearly bucket list instead of picking up the TV remote as was my usual routine. Once I start watching International House Hunters, I can't stop. :)
Over the span of about a week, I thought of things I wanted to do, wrote them in a word document until the page was full, printed it out, and put it on my fridge. I think this helps out my husband as well who is 99% less of a planner than I am.

I just realized that this year is almost up! About 2/3 done and our list is only about half way there. We need to have some more fun before our time runs out, and I am thinking that a bit more cooler weather may be the trick.

This idea of checking things off is physical proof that I am doing something with my life and my time here on earth. It goes so fast that sometimes I don't remember things that I've done, much less things that I want to do, so this is a way of reminding me. What I don't want this to become is just a checklist. I want to savor my free time, enjoy it with those I love, and laugh as much as possible.


Frenchies in Charleston?

I started a French Bulldog Meetup Group in Charleston! I have been dying to see a bunch of frenchies running around together. I hope some people join and we can schedule a doggy playdate soon! :)

It is not limited to Frenchies only, I would welcome any other small/medium smushed-face breed. If you have one or know of someone who does, find us on facebook!


Frenchies | TV stars!

I love seeing Frenchies on television... whether it be a reality show, commercial, movie, etc. They can brighten up any set!

Here are a couple shots I took while watching TV and can catch a shot of the little clowns.

First we have Stella from Modern Family:

and this little girl named Dolly from House Hunters:

They are both so cute!


My Office | Design

In case you wondered where I work every day. :) Here are pictures from my office! I started with a few boxes of papers and ended up with all of this thanks to Ikea, countless reps with their samples, Staples, Humanscale, and our color plotter. I did do a few custom pieces and splurges here and there, but I focused mainly on how I work and the tools I need to do my job.

When you first walk in, this is what you will see. My desk is on the left so I can see out of the window during my work day. Notice my chic deer head on the wall, most of the employees out here all hunt together and have REAL heads on their wall... I didn't want to feel left out! :)

This is my desk complete with Humanscale Diffrient Chair and monitor arm, Ikea table tops and legs, Ikea guest chairs, and several other decorative items from various stores.  My favorite things in this shot are my wall clock, my little air plants on my window sill, and definitely my monitor arm - my favorite tool in this office besides my laptop. The only thing missing is my curtain panel that I want to sew as a valance on my window!

Architects and designers need a ton of storage. This is the wall that I can see while sitting at my desk. Ikea shelves organize all of my product binders and brochures as well as samples and supplies. I then strung metal wire rope across my wall and use clips to hang up design renderings for critiques and display.

I made this fabric covered board to hang my diplomas on for one of my walls. The wall was big and blank, but not big enough to hang a piece of art AND my diplomas and licenses, so I decided to incorporate them into their own little piece of art. This was a way for me to tie in color without going too bright for an office environment. Plus, I love aqua!

Blister Remedy

Wearing most high heels gives me blisters. And let's face it, bandaids always fall off and end up in the bottom of the front of my shoe... that was until I found this product!

I bought this to use as a compression wrap for my hurt finger [football accident] and ended up using a bit of it to protect my pinkie toe after a blister formed over the weekend, and I must say, it has performed well at both tasks!

Why don't they make band-aids out of this stuff? Or maybe they do and I just haven't used them before... either way, this tape stays where you put it, even through readjusting and hand washing, plus it is cushioned! Perfect for areas you want to protect.  I highly recommend this product for your bandaging needs!


Children's Discovery Center | Grand Opening!

I am beyond excited to share the grand opening of what has been the best project of my solo career as an architect so far!

I have been a licensed architect for about a year and a half now, and I have completed many projects before, but none quite like this...

Everyday I get approached to do projects because they "require" an architect. This may pay the bills, but it doesn't do much to get my creative juices flowing. The opening of my latest project was unlike any other project I have ever designed on my own, The Children's Discovery Center.

My brother in law, a builder here in SC, and I won this client over during a lunch one day. We get leads like this all the time, but sometimes they don't come to fruition. This particular day seemed like the stars all aligned and that we all not only came together for business, but we became friends.

Many people were at the ribbon cutting including the mayor. Even Arthur Ravenel came out to sign our bridge which was designed to look like the real Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, named after Ravenel. There was great food and great company, but the best was when the kids got there and were so excited to play in the space! It made my heart so happy.

I will share more finished photos with you as they become available!

Balsamic Glace

My husband is obsessed with reducing balsamic vinegar to a glaze for BBQ sauces and today, to brush onto peaches on the grill... there is no worse smell in the world while the vinegar is cooking on the stove. I will admit that this all tastes delicious when finished, but the pungency in my nose right now is hard to get over. Time to light some candles! :)

From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)