Oscars 2012!

So, truthfully, I only saw ONE movie that was nominated for Best Picture and that was The Help. I don't know how current the academy awards are anymore if a silent black and white film wins (The Artist). I also heard on the radio that the average judge for these awards is a white male over the age of 60...

On the other hand, it may not be a bad idea to keep the judges the way they are because if TV continues in the direction it is going, with the most popular shows being reality TV, I wonder what that says about society and the future of these awards? It seems like the gap between what wins and what is popular gets widened every year.

What everyone loves about the Oscars is the red carpet. I don't know if she is "officially" best dressed, but I LOVED Michelle Williams' whole look. The color was fabulous on her and she looked so feminine even with her short pixie haircut. I will admit that she isn't a favorite of mine, but her stylist did an amazing job.

A beautiful second place in my opinion was Gwyneth Paltrow's look. She is just so gorgeous anyways so it wasn't a shock to me that she was a stunner, but still I try to give credit where credit is due! I wonder if she is wearing Spanx...


What an Architect Does...

It's true... so true.


EOS Lip Balm

I got a new lip balm, and it is quite possibly the cutest little egg shape in my most favoritest color, but I have to admit - its not the most moisturizing formula I've ever used...Aquaphor is (in my opinion) (and if you care).

I still use it, because I enjoy the mintiness, and the shape, and the color - and now I have another reason to love it...

Thank you, Kellan Lutz.

Here he is again, wowzers.


What Valentine's Day Looks Like...

...at my house.
Pan-seared scallops, filet medallions, raspberry creme cake (complete with Raspberry Port), and Martin Ray Pinot Noir! YUM!


Boston Red Sox Fans Beware!

If you have compulsive spending habits, and are a Red Sox fan, please stop reading. :)

Beats by Dre are a very stylish, very expensive, set of headphones. Chad OchoCinco himself even bought $28,000 dollars worth of these headphones for his teammates, the New England Patriots, at about $600 dollars a pop (these were custom with their colors and numbers, however).

"Normal" colors range around $300 dollars and while looking around the site one night this past weekend on his iPad, this is what my husband discovered...

When you look at the colors you can order [here], this is what comes up in the pull down menu:
Red Sox

One of these things is not like the other one, and I heard my husband go "Whaaaaaat?????" He is a huge Red Sox fan so I can hardly blame him when an hour later he says to me, "So, I just made an impulse purchase..." I said to him, "Enjoy it while you can, honey." haha


Cat Naps

I like kittens, cats, and puppies. Not a fan of dogs unless they are small or fat. :) I find my kitty Colin sleeping in the cutest places and that is one of my favorite things about him. He does not get on the couch unless we call him up, but he can sleep anywhere apparently:

This is the "Colin Stare" until you let him snuggle with you on the couch. He will sit and look at you, like this, for hours.

This spot is one the only places that direct sunlight shines in our house during the afternoon. He moves with the sun too, like a little sunflower.

He claimed this box from Costco as his house after a supermarket trip one day. We let him keep it for a little while to reinforce his independence, but we both know he will live with his parents forever. ;)

He finally was able to fit in a shoe box! After years of being obese, and after try after try, he finally fits.

He is the best studying companion, unless I need to get some more review materials out of my bag. How could I disturb his sleep?

These pictures are just from the past few months. If I put all of the pictures I have taken of him over the past 16 years on this blog you would think that A. I was a crazy cat lady or B. there would be cuteness overload. I love this kitty!

Happy 16th Birthday Little Guy! :)


Celebrity Spotting!

Aziz Ansari did a stand-up comedy performance here in Charleston this past Saturday and I REALLY REALLY wanted to go... but we had just gone to see a show a couple weekends ago, and we are trying to save money, and he'll be back, and yadda yadda yadda - so we ended up with different plans that night for my friend A's birthday.

Well, after the birthday dinner, we all went across King Street to the Cocktail Club and an hour into our hangout, Aziz walks outside on the patio like 10 feet from me! I was soooo excited, I love him. For the record, I was probably the only one who even recognized him - huge Parks and Rec fan.

But here is where the crash and burn happens... I walk over with my friend J and we are talking with him, welcoming him to the city, and saying things like "great show" to him (even though we didn't see it) and he is not amused. Not.at.all. He says thanks, tells us that he used to live here, barely cracks a smile, and walks back inside never to return.

I get it. I am not 20. I am not smokin' hot. I am not even single. But I was a huge fan. I really think that sometimes it is best not to meet those that you admire as they may disappoint. He must also realize that this is Charleston, not Hollywood, and we Charlestonians are not accustomed to seeing famous people, so we are probably going to try to talk to you! haha


Superbowl Success!

The Superbowl party was a huge success! The buffalo chicken dip that I made [recipe here] was nearly gone and the Giants won!

Highlights of the night:

Children are occupied by jump castles and a new giant tire swing!

The weather was simply amazing! [note the other Colts fan at the party :)]

Although my squares were unfruitful, here are my "bet results" from my previous post: 4 of 6 ain't bad! :) 
  1. I am taking the spread that the Patriots will not beat the Giants by three. YES!
  2. The color of the Gatorade that gets spilled on the head coach will be yellow. PURPLE.
  3. I call heads. HEADS, YES!
  4. The MVP will thank his team/ coach first. YES!
  5. Kelly Clarkson will NOT wear a dress to sing the National Anthem. BOO, SHE DID.
  6. Madonna will wear some form of fishnet tights during the halftime performance. YES!

Here's hoping that someone makes one of these next year:
And, once again, Go Giants!


Superbowl Sunday!

Couldn't have said it better myself:
If we can't cheer for one Manning, we might as well cheer for the other!
Go Giants! :)

Plus, I heard about some funny bets on the radio, here are my bets...

  1. I am taking the spread that the Patriots will not beat the Giants by three.
  2. The color of the Gatorade that gets spilled on the head coach will be yellow.
  3. I call heads.
  4. The MVP will thank his team/ coach first.
  5. Kelly Clarkson will NOT wear a dress to sing the National Anthem.
  6. Madonna will wear some form of fishnet tights during the halftime performance.
So, there you have it. :)

We are headed to my brother in law's for the big day. He is roasting a hog, steaming up some oysters and crab legs, and having a full on BBQ event with betting squares and about 100 people. Looking forward to it! Plus my baby niece will be there.

I made the 30x42 betting squares sheet, here it is below:
If you would like a large copy emailed to you, just email me at jprchitect[at]gmail[dot]com

Happy Betting!


Groundhogs Give a $hit

While groundhogs are all concerned with whether or not there will be 6 more weeks of winter, the honey badger can rest assured that there will be 52 more weeks of not giving a $hit. :)

From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)