Beech Mountain, NC | NYE Trip

We were invited to go up to the mountains this year for New Year's Eve with a group of people by our friends J and A. A's parents own a cabin up there so we packed the Excursion and headed out on our road trip on Thursday!

We had as much fun with them on the road as we did in the mountains. There was a lot of iPad scrabble between J and I in the car. Then we started out the first night by picking up a pizza from the famous Brick Oven Pizzeria [link here]. While playing a few arcade games while we waited for it to cook, I managed to snag the high score on Hoop Fever!

The house was amazing. It is such a quaint homey place and I absolutely loved it! I was stumped by the name at first, until I remembered that A's dad is a dentist ;)
We spent the morning of the second day on a nice hike to a waterfall and back. The day was a little chilly, but that added bit of cardio made me quite comfortable!

New Year's Eve evening we all went out for a nice dinner at Sorrento's Bistro [link here] and the food was amazing! I had the Tortellini Sorrento and it was so creamy and cheesy and delicious. I think we all had a blast!

And then, of course, there was a lot of this... 

...following dinner and we rang in the New Year to the early morning of 2012. What a great time! I haven't had a New Year's like this since college! :)

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