Pop Quiz?

I often have the thought… maybe I should have been a teacher? It usually comes about when summer kicks in and I see all my teacher friends on vacation for the next couple of months... but it quickly passes as I really do love what I do. Every once in a while though, I think about how I would be as a teacher, and today I had an idea about pop quizzes. I don’t ever remember taking a single pop quiz in my younger days (have only seen them in movies), but what if teachers did have them? 

Pop quizzes could be used as an incentive to take notes, and subsequently remember to bring said notes to class. If there was ever a pop quiz, the students could be allowed to use their notebooks (not their textbooks) and would thus be rewarded for taking good notes and paying attention? I don’t know about you all, but I think I would be inspired to take much better notes if that were the case!

There would have to be rules, though. Nothing could be pasted into the notebook (photocopies of the book), they would all have to be handwritten (and in your handwriting!), nothing verbatim from the book, and maybe some of it is done on your own as homework. It's just a random thought I had!

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