End of Year - Date Mess Up!

It is that time of year when all of the files that you have been storing by date are going to get messed up if you start with the month. I would like this to be a nationwide movement, but maybe I am the only one who cares! YEAR FIRST PEOPLE!

For example, if you start with the date, month first, the newest one is no longer in order…

01-01-15 – January Expense Report 2015
02-01-15 – February Expense Report 2015
10-01-14 – October Expense Report 2014
11-01-14 – November Expense Report 2014
12-01-14 – December Expense Report 2014

Now, if we put the year first…

14-10-01 – October Expense Report 2014
14-11-01 – November Expense Report 2014
14-12-01 – December Expense Report 2014
15-01-01 – January Expense Report 2015
15-02-01 – February Expense Report 2015

See? Everything stays in order and your new files don’t move to the top (or bottom, depending on order) and you can easily see the newest file. This saves me valuable time and frustration!

Also, I had a studio leader as me to add the "20" in front of the year so that she new for sure that was the year... and I have no problem with that at all, so that is what I do now! Just a little tip for ya. :)

2015-02-01 February Expense Report

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