The Stars Aligned

So for anyone who knows me, you will know that I have a very hard time finding shoes that fit me correctly. I wear a 9.5 double width shoe and it is very hard to find anything remotely stylish in this beastly size. It gets so frustrating that at times I have thought about going into the wide width shoe business... anyone out there share my pain?

Well, there I was minding my own business yesterday at Shoe Carnival, having JUST gone to three other shoe places looking for walking shoes for my trip to Hawaii, and I find these adorable little shoes by Guppy Love.

I do not care what the brand is if I find shoes that A. fit me and B. look semi-cute. Seriously, I will wear anything from Payless to Dolce & Gabbana, just please let them fit! and these particular cuties were even on Clearance! That's right, $9.00.

I get home and decide to google the brand to see what other shoes they might have out there and when I looked at the size on the right shoe, it was a 10. Thinking that to be strange because I thought they were a 9, I checked the other shoe, and it was a 9.5! OOPS! I bought two different size shoes and not even the size listed on the box... but the funny thing is, my right foot IS bigger than my left so that may be the reason why I have been oh so comfortable all day!

It was the trifecta of shoe shopping, perfect shoe, perfect price, and perfect size (even though I didn't know it). I am in my little red shoe happy place :)

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