Design | Baby Name Letters

I just wanted to share the pictures of the letters that I made to go over my niece's bed. She is adorable to begin with but these pics of her are just too much!

The letters were ordered online, the wood plaques are from Michael's, and the paint is just acrylic paint using some stencils, straight edges, and free hand. Once they were all put together I coated them with a satin clearcoat and finished them with a polka dot ribbon.


  1. Where did you order the letters from?

  2. This is absolutely adorable!! You did such a good job.

    Just so you know, though, those crib bumpers have now been found to be dangerous! I just read about it the other day! It's a shame since they are so cute. :)


  3. Thank you! I ordered the letters online (you could choose your font and the size) and I believe that the crib bumpers were only in there for the pictures. :)


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