Modern Winter Design - Merry Christmas!

Once again, holiday design can be very traditional, but there are SO many options for Christmas that you can pretty much get any period design you desire. Christmas overtakes the stores starting before Halloween can even come and pass. Before you know it, fall decorations are 50% off during mid October! How else will they have enough room to deck the halls with Christmas fare? (Hint: and with these bargains, this is when you buy your next year's Fall decorations!)

Personally, I like a modern take on traditional design. I think modern design in this particular instance comes in the lines of your pieces. Ornament wreaths, plain cut stockings, simple tree skirts, polka dots; this is where you get your modern designer home, but stick with the Christmas colors! Reds & greens, and even what some designers have done with pinks and lime greens, or the addition of silver to go with its more traditional brother, gold.

All of these options keep the user involved and lets you pick and choose the way you want to portray this holiday of great magnitude. Yes, even baby Jesus can be modernized! [see picture above for Alessi nativity scene] Point is, with so many options you can be choosy, and since Christmas comes once a year, every year, pick pieces that are sure to last - as your children will be fighting over those ornaments before you know it!

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