WRONG Shipment! :(

So I have been waiting for 2 weeks to get my new bed side table lamps for our master bedroom (one of those weeks I was on vacation, I will admit), and they are here! But they are wrong...

I stared curiously at the two boxes wondering how a 14" drum shade could fit in each one... I had a pit in my stomach because my first thought was that I had messed up and didn't realize the shades weren't included (and shades can be expensive!), but once they were opened I quickly realized why! West Elm accidentally sent me the Industrial Sconce instead of the Drum Sconce.

The SKU# and description was correct once on the box and incorrect once on the box and the shipper must have read the incorrect one... long story short, the correct ones will be here on the 20th! (Provided the exact same issue does NOT happen again with the incorrect SKUs...). More to come on this one and installation pictures are forthcoming!

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