French Bulldogs

For some time now I have been intrigued by the French bulldog. It all started when I saw the movie Secondhand Lions like 10 years ago... I have no memory of what the movie was about, I just remember wanting that dog! I did a little research and found out that specific little cutie was a French Bulldog AKA Frenchie.

I have been keeping an eye on local ads and checking Craigslist for the past two years, but apparently I am not the only one who fell in love with this breed because I haven't had the best of luck locating one. It even seems the absolute only way to get a healthy one is to shell out $3,000 or find a rescue dog that they take 50 applications each for if you are not a proponent of puppy mills, which I'm not.

To be honest, I am not getting a dog right now anyway but really just wanted to find out more information on how to get one. After visiting some shelters I do think that I will be able to love a rescue dog of any breed that is similar in kind to the frenchie and this will save a life. The doggy doesn't need to be a full fledged frenchie, but a combination or sorts of a Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Pug, really any short stocky type dog that isn't hyper. I love me a fat little piggy of a dog!

Even though my should be icon, Martha Stewart, has TWO of these beauties, I swear to you, I loved this breed of dog before I knew! It just reaffirmed my good choice ;)

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