Wedding Entry #4 | Innovate

Since I was doing the wedding setup myself (with the help of my family and best friend) the day of and taking them down right after I did not want to do anything too complicated with the decorations. That being said, if there was one thing I cared about the most when dealing with our wedding, it was the way the reception hall/ ceremony space looked. Afterall, I am a designer.

The ceiling in the hall was really high and it needed a little something to fill the space. I didn’t have time to string lanterns down from the rafters (much less did I want to take them down afterwards) nor did I have a ladder that tall, so I added helium balloons and went from the tables up!

I found these fun balloons online and they were a huge hit! I believe they were mostly used by car dealerships since they were so big. The balloons were all white and 36” in diameter and it took a whole tank of helium to fill 12 of them up, about the equivalent of 15 regular balloons each, doing the math. 

It was a funny sight to see people (including the caterers) walking from the wedding with them (my mom actually was popping a few before people stopped her in a fit of rage).  I heard after I got back from my honeymoon that they lasted for quite a while and their kids got a huge hit out of them. That was exactly what I wanted to accomplish, something unexpected.

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