Always Remember 9/11 | 10 years

I was in my sophomore year at Ball State in Noyer dormitory when my roomate Heather came busting in the room to turn on the television. She had been at class when she heard the news and ran back to see what had happened. I was blowing my hair dry to get to my upcoming morning class and we both just stopped and watched. Then the second tower was hit.

I was kind of in shock, not really knowing what to think. I didn't know anyone who lived in NYC and still to this day was not directly affected by what happened to the twin towers, but the overwhelming sense of patriotism in our country was never more apparent.

I even participated by putting an American flag sticker on my car, as it seemed everyone else had as well. I have gotten two new cars since then and neither of them has had a sticker... in fact you may be hard pressed to find one on any car you see driving along today.

What happened to our patriotism? I don't think it has disappeard, I just think a lot of people are upset with our government and the way the economy is going. I know I wish I was happier with it.  If people in Washington would just use their head and we could stop all the greed I think that would be a good place to start.

For all the families that were affected, the firefighters who ran in when so many others ran out, all the troops who defend and have defended our country, I just want to say thank you and God bless. May we never forget.

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