One week until 30!

In exactly one week, I will turn 30. It could have been in 6 days, but my mom held out an extra 4 minutes so I would get my own birthday [because my uncle and grandfather were born on the 27th]. I was born on September 28, 1981 at 12:04 in the morning and occasionally call my mom and dad at that untimely hour if I am out celebrating - haha! :)

This year will be no different except for one small change in my birthday plans... I am more concerned about quality of people over the quantity of them at my party. In the past I would try to have a big party for the celebration, but more people is more work and there were constant let downs and/or drama. I think that is part of growing older. Life gets shorter and you want to make the most of it and spend it with the people that you love and who love you back.

This time my two sisters will be there, as well as my husband, best friend, and some of our best "couples" friends and various other local besties. There will be about 15-20 of us in a beach villa enjoying some frogmore stew, adult beverages and the beautiful Charleston weather.

Since my older sister and BFF are going to be guests in our fair city, we've got a whole weekend planned. Girls night out, spa, shopping, farmer's market, fancy dinners... I absolutely cannot wait!

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