A little Thanksgiving Cheer

The best thing about Thanksgiving is the food and family. And out of town family guests mean you have to complete the little projects around the house that you have been avoiding. That meant touch up paint on our door and a new hanging porch light for our house! I love it. :)
This was the first year that I have hosted Thanksgiving as an "adult." I am not a huge fan of turkey, but my coworker swore by this turkey [recipe] and it was actually quite delicious! I don't think I would add all the sugar and salt to the brine (maybe cut it in half?) but all the hard work was definitely worth it.

Now that is a huge dang bay leaf in the brine, an all natural grain-fed turkey, and the finished product!

I must say that my least favorite part was violating that turkey and pulling out some of the insides... not my greatest moment.

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