What I Gave for Christmas!

 Angry Bird Pillow

 Pappy Van Winkle 15 year old Bourbon

Sustainable Glassworks - Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses

I love giving gifts to people. Especially if I feel like they will really love it, and I think I did a pretty good job this year! 

The angry birds head pillow was for my nephew. Ok, it was for me too because I also enjoyed throwing it at him intermittently throughout the night, but I think it was a big hit. He is six and loves anything that he can throw, punch, and jump on... and you can do all three to this pillow.

The next couple on here were the big gifts for my husby. The glasses were a no-brainer as he likes the punt in the bottom of the wine bottle in his glass design because it holds the ice cube up out of his bourbon. It is a really genius creation, plus I was buying local so that was a big deal for me too... I wonder if these glasses were made from any of my thousands hundreds of used wine bottles? haha

The bourbon is Steven's favorite. I can't tell if it is because it is so rare (comes out once a year) or if he really likes the taste that much better (I can't tell, because I don't care for Bourbon - almost strictly a vodka, beer, wine girl) but he was very happy and surprised to get it!

There is a small story to go along with the bourbon if you are interested:

I know that Pappy's comes out once a year around November, our Total Wine (like a Walmart for beer, wine, and liquor) would only get a case or two, and that case or two would be gone within the first hour of being delivered. That being said...

I started calling Total Wine every Wednesday (the day they get their shipment in) for over two months until it finally arrived in the store. I was so smug and happy and thought I was just the cleverest/ best wife in the world when I heard these words "It JUST got here, yes I can reserve it for you, if you get here within 30 minutes, you better hurry its not even hitting the shelves."

Good mood ensuing, I called my husband while ON THE WAY to the store and that is how this went...

me: Hey babe, how's it goin'?
SR: Good, I just got to Total Wine. I want to see if they have any Pappy's.
me: [fuming!!!] Oh, that is nice.

So, needless to say, he got there before me, bought two bottles, and he didn't even have a car that day! (mine was in the shop and he borrowed his brothers'), and then he got his additional bottle from me on Christmas.

I did feel like all that hard work and dedication and calling was kind of silly since he was able to just go and get the bottles... but it is the "giving" that is important! Plus, he was happy to have another bottle. :)

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