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When thinking about logos and the identity of my new re-branding concept, I felt it was really important to emphasize the Rchitect, since it is not a traditional word, along with showing my initials JPR. I wanted something that could be versatile, clean, fresh, and updatable [as seen above with different backgrounds and colors].

Having "architect" in the name means a lot to me. It is not something that just anyone can say. Even though there are varying degrees of designers, an architect is a licensed professional that has to jump through hula-hoops just to be called an "architect." It is who I am now and I wanted that reflected in a logo that represents me and my body of work.

Although my career started 7 years ago after college, I feel like this is just the first step in my professional career. This blog, my facebook, my twitter, they all show who I am and who I am becoming or even want to be. I don't really know what this logo means for all of these things, it is just something I felt was the next step?!

So, do you have any favorites from above?

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