Bottles + Brushes

This month my Dilettante group went to Bottles and Brushes, and some of us even went on a half-off Living Social deal... it was a blast! I heard a few of the ladies say that their husband would "never let them hang it up" and "What am I going to do with this?" and "Who can I give this to?" but I think it is safe to say that we all did a great job! There I am on the bottom left.

We are having so much fun with this group - figuring out the next month's activity that maybe some of us were too scared to do alone. Maybe it is not necessarily even scared, but unwilling? The truth is I am loving it. Maybe my next turn can be skydiving? I went once when I was 18 and it was amazing... 12 years later I wonder if I will still feel the same way.

Below is my final painting compared to the one that they displayed on the calendar as the choice for the night. The cool thing is that depending on the day, you may get a different painting, but you will know ahead of time what it is going to be.

I think the artist's is a more "artsy" [notice my vast vocabulary] version, but I was happy with my crabs, even if they do look like lips.  I would definitely want a taste of those fat legs! haha

Now... where to hang it. ;)

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