Colin Pahs | 2/96 - 11/21/12

My kitty Colin was laid to rest on this day - November 21, 2012 at 10:30am. He was the best feline companion anyone could ask for. He never nipped or scratched, never clawed the furniture, always greeted everyone with purrs and rubs, he consoled me when I was sad, kept me company when I was lonely, cuddled with me every chance he could and never asked for a thing – I am really going to miss him.

Colin joined our family when I was only 14. He was my first pet that could live outside of an aquarium and I loved him as best as I knew how for being a teenager, then a college student, grad, and now into my 30s. We took care of each other for many years and he will be a part of my life and memories forever. He was with me for more than half of my life up to this point and truly became part of our family.

I will never forget how he would make me laugh with how big he was – his biggest being 25 lbs. He was overweight most of his life and didn’t seem to mind a bit! It never failed, when I would make a sandwich he would always beg for a little morsel of chicken cold-cuts, his favorite, and me being kind of a pushover would always give it to him. It tasted much better than his diet food I'm sure!

When most people met him they would say things like “I usually don’t like cats, but Colin is cool.” He always wanted to be a part of the action and would hang out, not run and hide. He was gentle and would only put up a fight when he would get a bath or get his nails cut. He loved to be brushed and sit in the sun and occasionally he would join me outside in the hammock.

Colin was more than just a cat, he was my little buddy. Rest in peace kee-kee. I love you.

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