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I have been thinking a lot about my personal interior design style recently. Normally I just go by what my clients like to see (or what their budgets can afford), but as I design my future house in my head (and a little on paper), the best word that can describe my style would be "Comfortable Modern."

I love clean lines and minimalist style with pops of color. I wouldn't say I am full modern or "cold modern" because I do like a space to feel comfortable and welcoming, but you put me in a dark room full of clutter and I may start to hyperventilate. I love wood tones with lots of light and whimsical decorations that can make you laugh or think.

 This is too stark and cold for my taste.

Minimalist style doesn’t mean I don’t like stuff. I love stuff, in fact I have a lot of it and am prepared for almost any kind of situation you can think of, but I just don’t want to SEE my stuff. “A place for everything and everything in its place” would be a good description of how I like to live. I love me some Tupperware and I would actually like to live in The Container Store.

With this post, I was also wondering if I could come up with what would be the antithesis of my design style and I came up with “Country Victorian.” Curiously, I googled the phrase and it turns out there is an ACTUAL magazine with the name! Gross. Well, I should have said “to each their own” instead of "gross," but I would have a seriously hard time with a client that described their needs as such.

Froo-froo, fake flowers, ornate frames and and ceramics are not my thing..

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