My TV Personality : Captain Kirk?

I took an in depth quiz on the internet that asked very specific questions about my characteristics... for example, is being 'excitable, dependable, agreeable' more or less like you, etc. I really tried to answer these honestly (maybe a little too honestly) and my result was Captain Kirk, so I took it again. Then it was Thor, so I even tried to take it again, and it was Captain Kirk...

I was kind of disappointed until I remembered that Chris Pine played him in the remake! Wait, why am I excited that I am most like a hot guy? This is weirding me out a bit.

I think what was bothering me is that my results were mostly men. I was also similar to two of the lead female doctors on the show House, but they don't seem very happy! I think I am taking this too much to heart, but I guess I was just hoping for someone like Robin on How I Met Your Mother or Kate Beckett on Castle.

I guess I'll just be me! :)

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