50 Shades is Cast!

Well, I was 100% wrong in my casting predictions for this movie adaptation in my last post about 50 Shades. I guess it doesn't necessarily mean that I was wrong, it just means that they made a different choice...

The casting of the two lead roles in E.L. James' novel - 50 Shades, goes to Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson, as stated in USAtoday.

The actors normally look like this, which is why I was confused at first:


They don't look anything like what I pictured in my mind while reading the book... but after a quick google search, I think I can be OK with it if they look more like the below:

The big thing for me for Christian is that he looks picture perfect all of the time, something that longer hair doesn't really do for me. I picture him as more of a clean cut type of character. And Anastasia MUST have brown hair... any other way just wouldn't work in my opinion.

Can't wait to see what they do with the storyline! Girls' Night? :)

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