Or snowpocalypse... whatever they are calling it... was really just a bunch of ice in Charleston. I had fun working from home in sweatpants though! Here are some pictures I took of the damage.

While looking at facebook at my friend’s snow pictures, I see one very noticeable difference (besides the amount of snow) between my friends from the Midwest and my friends from the South… their clothes!

While living in the Midwest, snow was expected, especially where I lived off of Lake Michigan with the lake effect snow. We had snow suits, matching hats and gloves, and don’t forget a great pair of water proof insulated boots. People up north have to wear these things every year (and for a good part of the year) so it is worth the investment.

Down here… not so much. I haven’t bought a new winter coat in EIGHT years. The weather just doesn’t call for it. But, on the occasion that a storm does pass through Charleston, the outfits are hilarious! Together, layers upon layers of random articles for thermal, topped with a windbreaker for moisture protection, your mom’s gloves, and your brother’s rain boots, you grab whatever you can to get out of the house with one goal, to stay warm and dry!

I can say that it looks like a blast either way. :)

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