Leaving Notes

I feel like there are certain things that should remain in your childhood, and one of them is leaving notes for strangers and/or coworkers. Whether it is protecting your items or correcting behaviors, there has to be an adult way to take care of your problems, right?

There are some notes around my office and I am proud to say that, for once, I did not put ANY of them there! I think I may have crossed over an imaginary line of maturity when I turned 30. I no longer want to be the one that leaves a note out for replacing the toilet paper or leave a reminder for someone on how to park because when I saw the notes that other people left, well, I just don’t want to be like them.

Here are some examples of ways I have taken care of problems without leaving a note:


While driving one day (not my usual route), I found that I needed to get over one lane to get on the highway. I immediately slowed down and turned my blinker on. While waiting a couple of cars I slowly moved over into the lane and started on the exit ramp. The man behind me was FURIOUS. He was waving his hand, flipped me off, and honking his horn. This was not even major rush hour traffic either; this was mid-day, and quite a nice sunny day at that.
THE FIX: He was driving a freaking business van! I called the number on the side of the van, reported his vehicle number to his place of business and explained the situation, only to find out that I was the second caller of the morning to report him and his supervisor would be speaking to him as soon as he got back to the office. Thank you, kind supervisor.


I rarely drink coffee, but when I do, I like to have a natural French Vanilla creamer to go with it. I keep said creamer in the office fridge (that of which has a note on the front of it exclaiming to ONLY eat or drink things that belong to you) and I used the creamer ONCE. About a week-10 days later I went to use it again and it was EMPTY. This was not a small bottle either; I sprang for the large size. I think the only thing that annoyed me more than the fact that I had to use the crappy powdered creamer is that they put it back into the fridge empty instead of in the recycling where it belonged.
THE FIX: At home, I transferred my creamer into a used but fully cleaned, 20 ounce plastic container with mountain dew on the label before I brought it into the office. When people don’t know what is in said bottle, they tend to leave it alone. I don’t mind sharing, but taking it ALL was just wrong.


The bathroom I use is on the second floor and only about 5 people use it. When the toilet paper and paper towels are gone from under the sink, someone has to go to the first floors supply closet and get some more. For more than a year, only one person did it – yes, me. I would NEVER leave someone without a square of toilet paper and that happened to me several times, along with the paper towels on the regular.
THE FIX: I started bringing my own rolls with me and taking them back to my office when I was done and low and behold, someone else replaced them. This is an ongoing issue, but at least I broke the streak of being the only one to replace them for more than a year.

Also, I found these examples below to be particularly hilarious. See? I don't want to be that person! :)

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