What's in a Name?

Weird? Personal pet peeve? I don’t care, I am just going to say it.

Don’t name your child Liam, Xander, Kate, Peggy, or any other name that is SHORT FOR SOMETHING ELSE!

Name your child William, Alexander, Katherine, and Margaret. It sounds much more formal and professional on a business card or deed and from there you can come up with a nickname. If you are worried that someone may try to form their own nickname for your child, either let them because it is adorable and you like it, or correct them and they are sure to never do it again. Then, when your child is old enough to think for themselves, they can decide what they want to be called. Isn’t that fair?

My husband is Steven. But people call him Steve AND Steven and one time his mom tried to correct me and say that it was Steven… but by this point he was 30 years old and very able to correct someone for himself. I mostly call him Steven, but he goes by either. I digress…

Regarding this whole issue, the one that gets me the most is naming your kid Tripp or Trey when they are not a III! If your name is, for example, Robert Griffin, III then by all means, feel free to be nicknamed and called Tripp or Trey, but not if you aren’t a third. It is just confusing.

Don’t even get me started on people in the south naming their baby the woman’s weird maiden name… Anderson or Thomas, yes, but do you really want to be named Blackwell, Schultz, or anything Polish? Didn’t think so.

Enough ranting for now. As you were. :)

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