Movie Review | Just Go With It

Grade: A-
Date: July 13, 2011
Location: in home - Netflix rental
Notes: I would recommend this movie because when compared with other Adam Sandler flicks, this one was actually funny!

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston star in this movie where Jennifer plays the part of the woman who has "been right under his nose the whole time" and he doesn't realize his love for her because he is mesmerized by 20 something year old hotties.

Everyone knows what is going to happen just from looking at this movie cover, but there are still some surprise cameo appearances and a whole lot of laughter! Happy Madison productions seems to hit the mark with this one compared to some of their other stupid movies and I really enjoyed it.

My favorite part was at the very beginning of the movie when this woman has asymmetrical eyebrows (Sandler plays a plastic surgeon) and it is just something you have to see.

The least believable part was that Sandler's character did not realize Aniston's character was a hottie before now... she puts on a bikini and he is "shocked." It is pretty hard to make Jennifer Aniston look bad in my opinion!

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  1. I loved Just Go With It! I was dying of laughter! Jennifer Aniston was awesome, and I was glad to see Adam Sandler use less of his normal insults. Even though the plot was somewhat predictable, I still enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing it again soon! I know that the Blockbuster Movie Pass was released earlier this week! I am really excited because the Blockbuster Movie Pass will give customers a huge selection of DVDs like Just Go With It, along with TV shows and games by mail. Since it is being offered by DISH Network (who is also my employer), there are 20 channels that are included with the Movie Pass in addition to the thousands of movies and shows that you can stream to your TV or PC! Blockbuster also has many stores that you can exchange DVDs at and Blu-Rays are included! For all that, I think $10 is such a great price.


From Charleston, South Carolina to your computer. I hope you enjoy. :)