Sweet Idea: Get Kids Crafting!

I ventured into our new Mt. Pleasant, SC Michael's Craft Store during my lunch hour last week and right there at the entry was this sweet looking craft classroom. They offer classes and you can rent it out for kid's parties or really any kind of team building event, etc. I couldn't help but check it out and it is quite an adorable little room!

It isn't one of those dark and dingy "back of house" spaces where they shoved some old tables and you are expected to be creative; it is a well-decorated light-filled space! I was so happy to see this, I think kids are spending too much time in front of the TV these days and their brains are turning to mush. I hope my future kids (girls OR boys) don't mind being dragged to a location similar to this one to hone some skillz! Ya know, just in case technology takes over and we have to go back to Oregon Trail days.

Mt. Pleasant gets all the cool stuff. They have the best school system and a great Design Review Board that forces the big box stores like Target, Walmart [see below], and Lowe's to make their stores more community and visually friendly. This is done by using design features like trellises, benches, small garden areas and building their stores out of brick and in some cases having them update the entire shopping center...

My husband says,
"All the yuppies live over there, you want to live there?"

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