April Wedding #3 | Lindsey + Christopher

Lindsey and Christopher are newer friends of ours over the past year or two. I met her because we are in the same field (architecture) and really get along well. I had the pleasure of attending their gorgeous wedding and I must say, she went above and beyond and I was so impressed with her talents! 

First, we were greeted with this custom tree sketch that we were to add our name and thumbprints to as the "leaves" of the tree. It is such a great idea and will adorn their home for years to come. She sketched the tree herself, but I bet anyone could do it!

Project Notes: 
Even if you can't draw, a tree is a very simple shape and you don't even need to draw the leaves! :) Since it is naturally occurring, you can't really mess it up. If I was going to start this project, this is how I would do it, no matter your skill level.

  1. Find an inspiration image online and practice free-handing it with pen or pencil on paper. You can skip this step if you are super comfortable just starting on your final product.
  2. As you get more comfortable, find a larger sheet of paper and either sketch it with light pencil strokes to trace in pen or just start with a pen (I like and highly recommend Sharpie - Ultra Fine) so you get nice definitive lines.
  3. You can erase, use white-out, scan into the computer and delete/ correct in Photoshop - whatever your skill level, to get it to look right. You can either leave or erase your pencil lines depending on the look you are trying to get.
  4. Now take it to a large format printing company, have them scan it in (or bring your digital file), scale it to fit the paper size of your frame, and print it.
  5. Think about adding some personal touches. Above, they added their names and date which can be done on the computer with a fun font or handwritten as they have done. If you look closely there is a "C + L" in a heart "carved" into the tree which is an adorable touch.
Final notes are to use a paint that you have practiced with and is not too messy. Lindsey and Christopher used a paint that you would perhaps put stamps into. It came right off our finger with the provided wet wipes.

Back to the wedding:

This time of year has great weather, and this day was no exception. Look at all of my pretty girlfriends and our fun dress colors!

They arrived by boat, what? Yes, by BOAT! It was fantastic. Here comes the bride!

The natural wedding setting was amazing. A simple draped tree was the backdrop and just perfect for their big day.

All the drama but not all the cost, my friend Lindsey strung up lanterns with LED candles in them that turned on when it got dark. I wish I would have had my better camera to show you the night shots, but this day shot will have to do.

Here are me and my husby on the newly constructed boat dock!


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