Minnie's New Life

Minnie started out her life as Lionheart's Lil' Cream Puff. Yes, my friends, she is a show dog, a daughter of a champion, and perfect in every way! Cream Puff was her stage name and her given name was Hana... until we changed it to Minnie.

Not starting out as a dog person, I wasn't sure how this whole "being a dog owner" thing was going to go... and well, we'll let Minnie show you her new spoiled life below.

She is settling into her new bed. It is a struggle for her to get up because as you can tell she needs her beauty sleep and a stiff bone first thing in the morning. Wait, that didn't sound right...

She also has color coordinated her dining room table with our wedding colors... or maybe that was me? Hard to tell lately with her online shopping addiction.

Her new backyard is such a horrible dark place to be, she hates it... ;) Until we get up our new fence we have to keep her harnessed as Frenchies can't swim!

We even make her wear terribly cute necklaces! (She will grow into this pretty one from Hairy Winston)

Obviously underfed, she feels the need to beg all the time! We are driving her to wrinkles on her forehead and she is not even 6 months old! Such a hard life.

Isn't is so obvious that we do not love this dog at all? She seems so unhappy. I am thinking about sending her back. ;)

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