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Well, I never...

I am doing some research on business ownership and pool construction and generally felt the urge to go to the library yesterday because of my recent thirst for knowledge. Well, I got freaking rejected at the library closest to my place of employment when I tried to renew my card - because I no longer lived in that county! They informed me I could pay the $40 that people pay on their taxes annually to use the library or I could haul my ass up to Dorchester County and use their library since that is where I live now.

So, I headed towards home.  I drove up to the library closest to my house and the receptionist politely said that she was sorry, this is Charleston County and I live in Dorchester County so unless I am military, own property in Charleston County, or pay $40, I am not getting any books. AGAIN?!? I kind of threw a small tantrum of sorts and stormed out of there to my car wondering where this supposed county that I live in is located?!?

… but I remembered…

I OWN A F-ING CONDO IN CHARLESTON COUNTY!!! Now I just have to prove it.

Thank God we had to bring in a bunch of past tax information to get a pre-approval on a bank loan recently because I had my most recent Charleston County tax receipt in my car. I went back in there proudly and handed her the proof and she said, "but it says 'this is not a bill." And I said "because it is a receipt!" And I wasn't going to take no for an answer. Frankly, I think she was a little scared of me so she gave me a card. I have never been so happy to still own my little condo in Charleston County. It was the most expensive Library Card I have ever owned.

Well, as it turns out, the library doesn't have near the quantity of books that it used to have and it was kind of a bust. Like, for real, here is their typing station:

I had a Zoolander moment when I thought "How do you expect the children to learn how to type when they can't even find the typewriter!" Then I smiled because my first computer was a typewriter... and my first text was a letter.


  1. The library has a pretty good website: http://www.ccpl.org/ You can log in with your card number (they may need to give you a password, I don't remember). Then you can look up what you need and have it sent over to the library closest to you. We love the library!

  2. I will say that I had MUCH better luck at the one in Mt. P. versus the one I visited first. Thanks Amy H! :)


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