Bargain Bedding for a Guest Room

I LOVE finding a bargain. To me, it feels like winning a small lottery or a big game or something. I am not big on coupons because I honestly just don't have the time, but taking bits and pieces from all over the city, found on clearance, and bringing them together to create an amazing design is one of my most favorite things to do, ever.

I found this duvet cover at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it immediately caught my eye. Not just because it was one the clearance cart, but because I really like the colors and the pattern isn't too froo froo. As I checked it out I realized it was the right size that I needed! (I already have the down comforter that is going inside this cover).
Since I didn't really need it, I just held it in my hand for a while. This is part of my whole process.

As I held it I realized that it was pretty quality and soft and a brand I knew. The design is by Amy Butler and she is well-regarded for her modern fabrics.

Well, now I need to see how much it is since there wasn't a sticker... It was marked to $40.00! Plus I of course had my 20% off coupon with me - this made the duvet $32 and I could only find it online for $100 more than that... essentially like $100 off, like $100 in your pocket - or so I told my husband who was being quite agreeable this particular day. :)

But it was just a duvet and there were no coordinating pieces to be found in the store. Thank God for smart phones because I was immediately able to find the matching shams on amazon.

They were actually more costly than the dang duvet, but the longer I held it in my hand, the more I knew it was going to go home with me, so it did. :)


I can't wait to get my guest room all put together! I don't need a bedskirt because of the type of bed we have. I am going to buy some coordinating sheets and also sew some new coordinating bed pillows and there you have it, bargain bedding for the guest room.

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