Hair Bands with a Tie

You may or may not have seen people wearing hair ties with a little knot on the side. If you haven't heard of them by now, you will soon (or will at least notice the little tie). The main brand is Emi Jay and after a little research and my own experience, this is what I have to share:

The company was started by Emily and Julianne, pictured below, and what sets them apart is that each band is made here in the USA and there is a whole philanthropic side to their business.

So many celebrities are wearing their hairbands and they are carried pretty much everywhere in the US, not bad for two fifteen year olds! There are a ton of knockoffs so if you are concerned about buying local (at least made in the US) make sure they are actual Emi-Jays.

 * * *

My personal experience goes like this:

Setting: My swanky salon - It is my one main indulgence..

Stylist: Have you seen the new Emi-Jay hairbands? They would be great in your hair. They don't make a crease in your ponytail and you can wear them on your wrist like this [shows me her wrist].

Me [thinking to myself]: I wear all my hairbands on my wrist... and what is that stupid tail thing? No creases huh? Cool. I will give it a shot.

Me: Oh, cute!

Stylist: Want to pick one out today?

Me: Sure.

Receptionist: I will add it and your total is [three dollars more than it just was! Three dollars for an effing hair tie?!? Don't look cheap, Jo. Just get it.].

The crap I get talked into!

- Not even 24 hours later -

A friend at work: Oh look! You have an Emi-Jay in your hair. I want to get some sooo bad! Where did you get it? Do you love it?

Me: [pretending to be cool] Oh yea, I've had it for a while. It is the best!

* * *

I still don't really get it, but whatever. Sometimes you just do what all the popular kids do. I will say that spending $3.00 on a dang hair tie has made me a hell of a lot more responsible for it! I haven't lost it yet and it has been about 6 months. And 6 months later, it is still the only hair tie I wear... but I honestly don't know if it is because it is that good, if it is because I want to get my money's worth, or if I want someone to notice the stupid little tie.

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