And We're In!

Here is an update to the last post about our flood situation:

December 18th - last little comfy night at home...
December 19th - 26th - Colorado
December 27th - Didn't really sleep, sort of napped in our wet home for about 4 hours until Disaster Service came the next morning.
December 28th - Hyatt
December 29th - 31st - Beach House in Ocean Isle for New Year's
January 1st - 3rd -  Hyatt
January 4th - 20th - Hilton
January 21st - FEBRUARY 14th! - Oakbrook Apartments

FEBRUARY 15th - first night at home!

Thank goodness. It has been an ENTIRE weekend of moving stuff out of the POD, trips to Goodwill (they feel so good, don't they?) and unpacking and cleaning and...

We are still not 100% there, but the bulk is done, I can shower in my shower, get dressed from my closet, do laundry in our washer/dryer, cook from my refrigerator. and watch Revenge from my DVR. All is right in the world. :)

It will probably take us the rest of the week since we are back to work this Monday, but I am so happy this part of our lives is over and hopefully we never have to endure that again!

Please, if I have learned anything from this - before any of you head out on a long trip - shut off your water at the main to your house and turn on the faucets to drain all your lines. This will save you the worry and the possibility of anything flooding in your house.

Fun fact: during a normal month we use between 4,000 and 5,000 gallons of water in our household... the month of our leak we used 31,000 gallons! That surprised me so much! The leak was probably for only 4-5 days and only at one spot, that wasn't even that bad. Water travels fast!

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