Mug of the Month

My Minnie was the victim of a popularity contest! She didn't win enough votes to be Mug of the Month for the Daily Frenchie, but she did get top 10 and is now featured on their facebook cover photo! Of course she was the cutest one in my opinion. ;)

I love this blog. It can seriously cheer me up at any time of the day and sometimes I go to the site for it to specifically do just that! It features 95% French Bulldogs, but every once in a while a post gets made about a fellow English Bulldog buddy or other type of dog in need. The site is meant for one thing - Frenchies!

Here was her entry photo: Minnie at 5 months old

She is just the best.
Photo credit to my sister Lesley.

Here was the winning entry in case you are interested: 

Ok, ok... this Frenchie is also pretty cute!

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