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I was reminded of trends yesterday when we walked into a local store called Palmetto Moon. EVERYTHING seemed to be in a chevron pattern. Dresses, shirts, bags, etc. This is not just locally to Charleston, but true just about anywhere and can even be seen all over websites like Very Jane and Fab. My husband said "That won't last long," but truthfully only now is it getting super popular among major retailers.

The chevron pattern or "zig zag" is one of my favorite trends right now, but it has been for almost 2 years, it was just a little harder to find. Back then you had to tape off and paint your wall a chevron pattern instead of being able to find wallpaper or decals. You had to search online for fabric with the pattern and make your bags, scarfs, and pillow cases instead of just walking into any store and buying something off the rack. I feel like once a trend gets to your local Target, it is going to be just about burnt out in a matter of months.

That being said, trends do last long enough for you to buy a shirt, dress, throw blanket and pillow in... but unless you are buying it because you LOVE it instead just because it is trendy, I would suggest not buying an entire couch in the pattern or wallpapering any rooms just yet.

This whole topic got me thinking of my favorite and not so favorite popular trends of the present and past and I came up with a few favorites.

the famed chevron conversated about above:

polka dots of all kinds:
Aqua and red color combination (my wedding colors!):

I feel that it is only fair that if I say my favorites, I should show my least favorites! So, here they are.

Not-So Favorites:

Missoni Patterns [too tribal for me although I have found some pieces I like]

Animal Prints [the only one I kind of like is giraffe...]

 Ombre and Over-dyed Rugs & Fabrics

I do like ombre on hair though! :)
It doesn't matter what trends are popular... if you like it, go for it! I mean, who would have thought these would have ever been in style?!?

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