Wedding Entry #10 | Make the Day YOURS

I can’t tell you how many times people told me that our wedding “looked like me.” How can an event look like someone? I guess I get it, I over-wear the color aqua, I love spheres, sugary candy over chocolate, matchy-matchy, order within the chaos, fun… I could see it. It really all culminated down to this one fact that I got everything I wanted, within the budget I set, and it was the best day of my life.

The word “wedding planner” was a nightmare to me and I hear that they are required at some venues? I guess if my career didn’t revolve around project management I could see that I might need a planner, but when you, yourself, are an OVER planner, that is all you really need! As long as I was the one in control I didn't become a bridezilla...

Thankfully I had a very understanding fiancé, who is now an understanding husband, and we have this memory for the rest of our lives. I love wedding planning!

These “Wedding Entries” are the top 10 things I did at my wedding to make it my own, but I still do love all things wedding so I am sure the posts won’t stop, but they will be geared more towards weddings in general. As I am a future matron of honor come next April, I will be doing a lot more research!

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