Customer Service Survey

When asked if I wanted to complete a one minute survey after I spoke to the company's representative, I said yes... I have a theory that one or more of the following things will happen:

  • maybe my wait time will be reduced?
  • maybe they will give me a more highly rated customer service rep?
  • maybe they will be more willing to satisfy my problem?

I am currently waiting on the phone, right now! Typing as I wait... let's see if my theory is right.

1 minute.

3 minutes.

5 minutes.

19 minutes...

24 minutes when they finally picked up.

Everything was OK, I guess... seeing as I was on hold for so long, I did not take the survey...

Also, to change a flight costs you $200. My ticket was $221... and you just simply need to call back to book the new flight. I think I would save more to just book a new one online, in time at least! The joys of travel...

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