F'real Milkshakes? For REAL!!!

I was thirsty so I stopped at the gas station on the corner by my house to get some Gatorade. When thirst hits me I've got to satisfy it or else! While inside the gas station, something I almost never do as I am a pay at the pump type of girl, I see this glorius-ness!

A milkshake bar?!? With a touchscreen? How does this work?

Turns out, it is pretty easy. You pick your flavor, set it in the thingy, choose thick, thin, or regular, and about 20 seconds later, voila.

It actually tastes pretty good! I would definitely get another one since it is made from natural ingredients, just maybe not all the time since that sugar comes with a calorie punch!

This particular Sunoco also has a growler station of regional beers, fresh made breakfast, and 22oz. Lime-A-Ritas, 2 for $3.00. I think I am going to start hanging out here more often!

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