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I was talking with a friend the other day and she and I were going back and forth about some of the weddings we had been to... we were all like, "she had the best dress," and "their food was amazing!" and so this blog post was born. Although I have been to some pretty spectacular weddings over the years, here are my favorites from some of them. Please keep in mind these are my own opinions and could vary greatly depending on whom you talk to.

Best Bachelorette Party
Heather & Justin
When you start out your night by having dinner in the Pope room, then you head back home and the bride-to-be opens up several "dirty" gifts in front of her grandmother, who seems to be enjoying herself, then you know things are going pretty well. But things get even better when the doorbell rings because the limo is there to take you downtown, your night continues in a piano bar, and ends with vomit down the side of your car, you have yourself a party! Someone also went missing from the time we got home to the time we woke up... but that story is better left untold. Don't worry, she was fine. I miss my 20s. :)

Best Wedding Transport
Rachel & Frank
You know the transportation is good when you take a photo in front of it!

Best Bridesmaid Dress
Shannon & Chris
I have been a bridesmaid in approximately 6 weddings, and to this day, this is the only bridesmaid dress that I have worn again, several times actually. It was under $100 and I didn't have to have it altered one bit, plus I think it looked fantastic on everyone!

Best Destination
KB & Jeff
Bald Head Island, NC is one of the coolest places I have ever been for a wedding. I wrote more about it here, but I think the perfect weather really helped this secluded island - you can only get there by ferry and the main mode of transportation is a golf cart!

Best Bridal Entrance
Lindsey & Christopher
The bridal party and bride came by boat! That is a lot of planning and coordination (and quite a hike to get to the alter) but it was worth it as we could ooh and ahh over her beautiful dress. I also liked that they came from the front. No one had to do the awkward turn around to watch the bride as she walked down the aisle. It was also a very beautiful day.

Best Ceremony
Janye & Andrew
Not many words are needed to go along with this picture taken at Wildcat Cliffs Country Club in Highlands, NC. The ceremony was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the views are breathtaking and the entire wedding party is good looking. ;)

Best Dress
Liz & Joe
Her wedding dress was the first to really "wow" me. My wedding was only a week prior and I was like, "damn, now THAT is a dress." :)

Best Vows
Lauren & Tripp
I have never cried at a wedding until this particular friend's big day. I was so unprepared that I had to use a napkin stuffed into my husband's pocket! I could not tell you today what their vows were, except that they wrote them for each other and were very personal and heartfelt. 

Best Wedding Decor
Sarah & Chris
This one is no surprise as Sarah has her own vintage rental company here in Charleston, but her taste is very nice and eclectic! I like that she re-purposes flea market finds and gives them new life by reupholstering, painting, or rewiring them. We were greeted by custom seating, handmade signs, and monogrammed wayfarer sunglasses, but my favorite was the love lighting above the bar. It was a beautiful night!

Best Reception
Tyler & Danny
This was one of the most fun receptions I have been to; from the food, to the band, and to the break-dancing grandfather. We were greeted with drinks, comfortable seating arrangements, no waiting for food... it was definitely a great time and all of it was spectacular!

Best Cake
Janye & Andrew
The best cake I have ever put in my mouth was at this wedding... only to be topped by ANOTHER cake at the SAME wedding! The first was a caramel chocolate layered cake, and then second was a sweet potato cake. I know what you are thinking, sweet potato? Not my favorite either, but this cake was to die for!

Best Music 
Katie & Jeff
I know that some people have an opinion if bands are better than DJs, they certainly are more expensive, but I didn't use that to determine my favorite here. What I saw at this reception was everyone from kids to grandmother's dancing to the DJ and his on point music selections. You could slow dance (or take a breather) to Unchained Melody or get your groove on to the latest pop beat, but my favorite was a rendition from Meatloaf where the bride and groom sang "will you love me forever, will you need me, will you never leave me, will you make me so happy for the rest of my life, will you take me away, will you make me your wife?" and it was unplanned, but so fun! Katie would sing the girl's part and then Jeff would sing the guy's part, then we would all join in. I couldn't believe how great this DJ was.

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