House Design

I want a new house!

Now that I have finished complaining, I will tell you why:

1. We just have no room.
We live in the house that Steven bought before we even met, and I also owned a condo before we met, and this is the larger of the two. Since he works from home, there goes one bedroom, and then of course I basically have enough stuff for my DIYness that I need a whole room/ guest room, and then we need to sleep in another room, 3 bedrooms gone.

2. Better location.
I drive 35 minutes to work each way on a good day. That may not sound like a lot to some, but this is one of my huge hangups of life - not wasting time commuting. Don't get me wrong, I love a road trip, but I hate that my day starts 45 minutes earlier and ends almost 1.5 hours later (because the commute is a hell of a lot worse if I leave at 5 than if I leave at 6.) Up at dark, home at dark. 12 hours a week wasted on average, makes 624 hours, or 26 days... wait, that can't be right, oh god, it is. See?

3. I'm an architect.
There will always be something wrong with a house I buy in my eyes, and even if I renovated it to perfection, I really just want to design my own house. I posted pictures above of houses that I have come across over the last couple years that I just love. I spend a lot of my time researching neighborhoods, areas of Charleston, affordability, location, etc. I would love to be able to build my own house on a piece of land in a great location. It will happen someday and if I knew that it could happen in the next 5 years, I would actually consider staying in our current location during this time.

Home ownership is the American dream. Unless in an economic turndown you own two homes, neither of which you want to live in, like us. Thank God for our good jobs. We are so very fortunate... something I hope I realize more with the new year. Not a new year's resolution, but a life resolution so to speak. Happy New Year Everyone!

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