iPad Cover - decisions, decisions...

So I took what seemed like FOREVER to choose a cover for my iPad that I got for Christmas from our company. I am usually quick at making decisions and this time I wanted to do a little research, i.e. scope out the cases that my coworkers got and judge ;)

I thought that designing my own case, an option on www.zazzle.com, would be the way to go, but advice from my husband suggested that I would need more padding around it and definitely a sleeve or flap to cover the front. The case on zazzle that you can design is more like a skin and my husband said to me, "It isn't a phone, Jo." So, I took his advice [shocker!] and thought about it some more.

Above are designs I was playing around with until I decided I needed one with a keypad and found that white beauty above. I LOVE it! It is a white leather folio with bluetooth keyboard by TsirTech. The style and feel of it is really slick and I got used to the keyboard rather quickly. For some reason I LOVE to take meeting minutes now!?!

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